12 Stones In The Bible (Scripture Meaning and Verses)

12 Stones In The Bible (Scripture Meaning and Verses) – Some many men of God , can with different meanings in terms of the definition of 12 Stones In The Bible.

12 Stones In The Bible
12 Stones In The Bible



So i decided to carry out some research online to come up with the right explanation.

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12 Stones In The Bible Meaning According to “praywithconfidence.com”

One of the most basic explanations of the twelve stones in the Bible that I found in various research sources is that of marking religious events. In Old Testament times prior to the construction of the Temple, the Israelites would mark certain areas with stones as an altar for sacrifice.


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Additionally, sometimes the nation of Israel, or individuals would mark certain places with stones as an altar of remembrance because of what the Lord had brought them through. Or because of what the Lord had promised to them.

They went future to explain it in spiritual terms , read below.

In Exodus 28 we find God giving Moses instructions regarding the priestly garments Aaron and his sons, the Levites, were to wear when performing their duties.Meaning Of 12 Stones In The Bible

In verses 15-20, God tells them there are to be twelve precious stones used to make the breastplate of the garment. And in verse 21, He tells us the significance of these twelve stones:

“The 12 stones are to correspond to the names of Israel’s sons. Each stone must be engraved like a seal, with one of the names of the 12 tribes.”

Every time Aaron or his sons, or any future Levite put on the vestments with the breastplate, they would be reminded of the twelve tribes of Israel.

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What do the 12 stones UNDER the Jordan River mean? (Joshua 4)

According to reasonsforhopejesus.com , read below.

Before we discuss the 12 stones submerged in the Jordan River, let’s remember the 12 stone memorial piled high on the west bank of the River Jordan at Gilgal. It was to serve as a sign and a call to remembrance for all generations for the people of Israel. When looked upon this memorial would cause the people to remember the Lord’s goodness, when He led them into the Promised Land.

I propose that the 12 stones under the waters of the Jordan are a typological picture of all people who reject the salvation that God offers. They have not been delivered. They have not “crossed over” and received the grace of God. They remain under the waters, and are not counted among those who have entered into their inheritance, their “Promised Land.”

More explanations will be added.


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