What Does Praying In The Spirit Mean? – How To Start

Praying in the spirit entails having and receiving the Holy Spirit’s assistance and empowerment in prayer.

It is literally enabling the Holy Spirit to inspire, guide, and direct your prayer so that you can pray God’s desire.


It is the spirit that inspires you to pray and how to pray successfully.

It should be emphasized that praying in the spirit is not synonymous with speaking in tongues.

Yes, praying in the spirit includes speaking in tongues, but it is much more.

Praying In The Spirit
Praying In The Spirit



Praying in the spirit encapsulates all that makes for successful prayer, prayers that capture the attention of heaven and give the response.

Groaning, languages, fervency, passion, intercession, the word, and many other things are included.

It suggests you’re praying outside of your usual pattern and prayer list.

It entails the Holy Spirit providing you with knowledge and comprehension of events and circumstances that are not in your immediate area yet require immediate attention in prayer.

This is when intercession is useful.

Praying in the spirit must be the most powerful instrument of the interceding Christian if he is to be successfully utilized by the Lord.

So you must be open-minded in order to adapt knowledge about circumstances that are currently beyond you if you want to learn to pray in the spirit.

You must also be fast to reply.


What does it mean to pray in the spirit?

Much, much more!

But, in order to pray in the spirit effectively, you must first understand some of the fundamentals of Spirit-led, Spirit-guided prayer.

So here are some things to consider when praying in the spirit.

1. The Spirit’s guiding

There is nothing like praying in the spirit without the Holy Spirit. Outside of the Holy Spirit, all you have is prayer in the flesh and in your knowledge.

The Holy Spirit is the one who creates the desire to pray in spirit.

2. Faith

To be able to pray in the spirit, you must believe that it exists and that you want to be used by the Lord to do so.

3. Openness to the Holy Spirit

To enter into the flow of praying in the spirit, you must be receptive to the Holy Spirit’s urging. He will motivate you to pray and give you the power to do so. (Phil 2:13)

4. Obedience and yielding

Furthermore, not only must you be alert to the Holy Spirit when praying in the spirit, but you must also be prepared to submit and obey the impulses and illumination that the Holy Spirit brings to your mind.

If you surrender and are eager to obey the Holy Spirit, the Lord will assist you in praying frequently.

5. Fertility

The prayer of the spirit is full of passion and fervency.

And you must be willing to let go and break free when the fire arrives in order to properly express and exhaust the prayer.

6. Adaptability

Because the Holy Spirit guides prayer in the spirit, he will provide you awareness about problems and events outside of your local context that require urgent prayer.

Being open-minded can assist you in becoming responsive to the Spirit.

7. Prompt response

Lazy and procrastinators have no place in Spirit-inspired prayers.

Most of the time, the prayer is urgent; a person or a situation has to be saved right now, and the Holy Spirit is relying on you to do it.

In the School of Prayer with the Spirit, quick reaction is required.

8. moaning and speaking in tongues

Speaking in tongues and groaning are both examples of praying in the spirit.

In summary, you may not be able to pray in the spirit entirely, properly, thoroughly, or satisfactorily if you do not speak in tongues.

Furthermore, the prayer in the spirit may be accompanied with moaning (sighs that cannot be put in articulate words).

All you need to do is follow the spirit’s direction.

The Power And Advantages Of Praying In The Spirit

What does it mean to pray in the spirit?

You have no idea.

The following are some of the advantages of praying in the spirit.

1. Assists you in praying God’s mind and will.

2. Assists you in praying appropriately.

3. Assists you in exhausting your prayer and praying with fulfillment.

4. Provides you with energy and zeal

5. Gives you hope for the outcome

6. Transports you to worlds and depths of God that you have never experienced before.

7. Provides confidence that your petition has reached God’s throne

8. Assists you in praying prayers that go above your surrounding area and situation’s awareness and knowledge.

9. It enables you to pray intercession prayers with remarkable success.


What does it mean to pray in the spirit?

Everything and more!

The amount of ground you cover while using the spirit in prayer is tiny compared to what you could achieve if you followed your planned prayer lists and timetable.

And the consequences are far-reaching.

If you listen to the Spirit’s promptings when praying, you could well be praying for the deliverance of a loved one.

To be most effective in God’s intercessional ministry, one must know how to pray in the spirit.

Better still, if one is to be used of God in intercession, he must learn to be attentive and surrender to the Holy Spirit when praying in the spirit.

Much more is riding on you, my friend, if you learn to pray in the spirit.

You may halt the devil in his tracks, and you can aid in the birth of God’s counsel and will for a people, nation, individual, or matter.

Furthermore, your Spirit-led, Spirit-inspired driven prayers assist to develop and establish God’s kingdom on earth.

Allow God to utilize you!


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