100 THANKSGIVING PRAYER POINTS (Updated 2022) – We owe God everything since He gave us everything. We do not deserve the gift of life and all the joys that come with it, yet He freely gave it to us. As a result, God is deserving of our gratitude prayer points. We recognize that we could not survive without God’s blessings when we praise Him for being the provider of all wonderful gifts. Returning gratitude to the source of all demonstrates to God that we appreciate what He has done.





God is waiting for our thanks.

We must come to the realization that all we have originates from God. He expects us to express our appreciation for everything that He has done for us (James 1:17). Imbibing a daily attitude of rendering thanksgiving prayer points to God will shift our attention from desires to benefits. “And we know that all things work together for good for those who love God, for those who are called according to his plan” (Romans 8:28).

It is essential to give thanks to God for yesterday, today, and future.

We are taught to praise God for everything, good or bad (1 Thessalonians 5:18). Thanking God in the face of life’s difficulties removes our pain and unhappiness. However, when we live a life devoid of gratitude to God, we become self-centered and haughty. Then pride enters our hearts.

It is critical for Christians to pray Thanksgiving prayer points on a regular basis. It will aid in the development of our connection with God. The fact that we all have reasons to be thankful demonstrates why thanksgiving prayer is so vital.


Prayers for Thanksgiving

Every thanksgiving prayer we offer to God as the fruit of our lips strengthens our affection for Him. It also demonstrates our unwavering confidence in Him. Every day is insufficient to consider your blessings and recite gratitude prayer points. Nothing we have truly belongs to ourselves. He owns everything. According to Psalm 24:1, “the earth and the fullness thereof, the globe and those who live therein, are the Lord’s.”

General Bible advice on how to pray to God

The following are some thanksgiving prayer points to God to convey our thankfulness for all He has done for us.

  • Pray to the Lord and thank Him for bringing you thus far and for all of His advantages to you: “Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us with benefits, especially the God of our salvation” (Psalm 68:19).

All of His excellent things are available to us because of His grace. This is why we must pray the Thanksgiving prayer points till our last breath. It is essential to give thanks to God for yesterday, today, and future. We must make it a regular practice to express our thankfulness to God. Knowing that we do not deserve all of God’s blessings should motivate us to give Him appreciation at all times and for all things.

  • Pray and thank God for always being present when you need Him, as well as for His protection, provision, and strength in your life (Psalm 18:3).

We must thank our Creator for His breath upon us, His presence that strives with us, our daily bread that comes from Him, His never-ending protection and direction, and so on. All of them are the miracles of His creation. Thank You!

  • Thank God for the priceless gift of salvation. “The Lord lives, bless my rock, and glorify the God of my salvation” (Psalm 18:46).

We must pray and thank God for sending His only son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins and reconcile us to Himself. This has brought us redemption and allowed us to enjoy His grace. We don’t deserve it, but he offered it to us for free, therefore we should be grateful.

  • Thank God for delivering you from sin and the devil’s schemes: “But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Corinthians 15:57).

Christians frequently experience temptations, challenges, and difficulties in their lives. All of these are the devices used by the enemy to induce us to sin. But God has given us victory and continues to grant us: What a wonderful thing God has done for us!

  • Pray and thank God for the opportunity to serve Him and inform others about His amazing deeds. “O offer praises to the Lord; call on his name; proclaim his works among the people” (Psalm 105:1).

Thanksgiving prayers are expressed throughout the Bible, particularly in the book of Psalms, by those who are opportune to carry out God’s purpose and mission. The significance is to remind us of what God has done for us, so demonstrating God’s glory to others.

  • Bless His holy name every day as you approach His gates with gratitude and His courts with praise (Psalm 100:4).

All Christians should practice daily gratitude prayer. It should be as natural as breathing to us. This will show God that we are grateful to Him and that He is always there for us (Ephesians 5:20).

The significance of saying thanks cannot be overstated. Thanksgiving and praise are inextricably linked. You can’t successfully praise God unless you’re also thankful to Him. When you apply these thanksgiving prayer points and make it a practice to thank God for what He has done, you will be able to receive larger benefits from Him. He alone merits our admiration.


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