21 Prayer Points Against Slavery At Work

21 Prayer Points Against Slavery At Work

Are you now experiencing problems that may best be defined as slavery? Are you putting in a lot of effort but getting little or nothing in return?

Today brings you excellent news!


We will share verses with you that talk about financial independence; be encouraged, strengthen your trust, and be aware of God’s presence with you in every problem; God will certainly bring you out.

21 Prayer Points Against Slavery At Work
21 Prayer Points Against Slavery At Work


No matter how severe the situation is, the Word of God is certain to assist deliver from any financial difficulties as you focus on the Word, build up your faith, and confess the scriptures on a daily basis.

Remember what the Bible says:


“With men, it is impossible, but with God, anything is possible.”

God’s will for all of His children is that they live in financial independence and are not oppressed by anybody. Only trust in God’s Word and follow God’s rules for generating money, and you will see a change.

“Now it shall come to pass that the LORD your God will place you high above all nations of the earth if you faithfully heed the word of the LORD your God, to carefully observe all His commandments which I command you today.” And all of these blessings will rush upon you and overwhelm you because you heed the word of the LORD your God” (Deut. 28:1-2).

21 Prayer Points Against Slavery At Work

1) In the name of Jesus, Father urges everyone who owes me salary or wages to begin paying me.
In the powerful name of Jesus, Father, please touch the hearts of my superiors for my sake and urge them to favor me.

2) Oh Lord, come to my job and re-strategize for my sake, in Jesus’ name.

3). In Jesus’ Mighty Name, I receive heavenly insight on how to create and preserve prosperity.

4). In Jesus’ Mighty Name, Lord, open doors of financial opportunity for me today.

5). Oh Lord, open the book of remembering for me so that I might witness to your kindness in my life.

6). Father, Lord, break and abolish every burden of overwork in my work in Jesus’ name.

7). Oh Lord, I burn all yokes of iniquity and diabolical persecution at my workplace in Jesus’ name.

8). Let the blood of Jesus Christ break every evil connection that is keeping me from obtaining financial freedom.

9). Oh Lord, let there be a change of office in my favor at my employment, and transfer all those who are making my job difficult away from me in Jesus’ name.

10). Oh Lord, grant me great wisdom in managing my salary and meeting all of my financial obligations.

11) Father, I refuse to be subjected at work; rescue me, oh Lord, in the powerful name of Jesus Christ.

12). In the mighty name of Jesus, make me the head and not the tail at my workplace.

13) In the name of Jesus, I reject any evil attempt to demote me and mock my life at work.

14). In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, the altars of darkness that consistently speak against promotion catch fire.

15) Today, in Jesus’ powerful name, I declare that I am free from all types of enslavement.

Also, say the following prayers for those who are enslaved all over the world:

16). Oh Lord, we pray for our brothers and sisters who are kept as slaves in many countries across the world. Father, let your Mighty Power reach out and release them from their oppressors.

17). We request that you find a path for them to escape from every lair of wickedness to which they have been committed.

18). Oh Lord, send true and God-fearing Helpers to rescue them from the perilous locations in which they are located.

19) We pray for those who are being trafficked and exploited in our region, that Father release them as soon as possible.

20). Your Spirit seeks restlessly for individuals who are despondent; help these people find purpose and be able to live a life of righteousness in you, God.

21. Father, let your mercy speak for everyone who is enslaved wherever in the globe, and let deliverance and healing of their souls come now in Jesus Mighty Name.


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