AA Morning Prayer (Prophetic Declarations)

AA Morning Prayer (Prophetic Declarations) – Say this prophetic word and prayer this morning before leaving your bed.

AA Morning Prayer
AA Morning Prayer



Prophecy is a word of God charged to change lives and situation. Every genuine prophecy has its root from God and they don’t usually expire.

Matthew 24:35,

”Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

Prayer Points: AA Morning Prayer

1. I prophesy, that the second half of this year will be a year of joy and not of heaviness and sorrow in the name of Jesus.


2. I prophesy that God’s protection and grace will abound to me and my family for the remaining days of these Year in Jesus name.

3. I prophesy that everything that stood against me from the beginning of the year shall come an end in Jesus name.

4. I prophesy that since I have started the year well and I shall finish the year well in Jesus name.

5. I prophesy that the second half of this Year will bring me rest and peace in the name of the Lord Jesus christ.

6. I prophesy that in this second half of the Year the right hand of the Lord will strengthen me.

7. I prophesy that as I look back through the years I will see reasons to give God praise.

8. I prophesy that nothing shall move me away from the will of God in Jesus name.

9. I prophesy that I will achieve every goal that I set in beginning of the year, in the name of Jesus.

10. I prophesy that in the second half of this Year my steps will be ordered and not hindered in the name of Jesus,name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Say these loud and clear.



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