Powerful Prayer For Breaking The Yoke Of Stagnation.

Powerful Prayer For Breaking The Yoke Of Stagnation , If You Need Liberation From Setbacks, Say These Powerful Prayers With Faith.

My dearly beloved in Christ Jesus, may the peace of our Saviour Jesus Christ locate you this night and manifest in you… Amen.

Breaking The Yoke Of Stagnation
Breaking The Yoke Of Stagnation

Join us in body and in spirit, as we bless this beautiful night and liberate ourselves from the hostage of every demons. May God turn our sorrows into joy… Amen.

Through tonight’s prayer, you shall be released from any ancient demons and from any known or unknown covenants you had had with the enemy of your soul, the devil.

We cover our prayer requests with the previous blood of Jesus Christ, and decree that no evil forces shall have any power to stop our prayers from being answered… Amen!

The Lord our God has given us privilege to be among the living till this hour, let us thank Him and commit our rest this night into His able and powerful hands.


God our lovely Father, we Your children are happy, for Your steadfast love, for Your mercy, for Your kindness and for Your compassion. Lord, You have done so much for us that we couldn’t speak of them all before Your congregations.

We thank You Lord for Your protection towards us, we glorify Your holy name now and forever in the mighty name of Your Son Jesus Christ, Amen.Daily Prayer for Breaking The Yoke Of Stagnation

Brethrens, we all have sinned against this same God that has loved us so much, let us ask for forgiveness of our sins.


Oh God of infinite goodness, we are ashamed of our shortcomings, we are such ungrateful beings that You kept saving from doom. We are aware of our ingratitude towards Your kindness. But we have come to you this night for cleansing. Deliver us Lord, from damnation which our sins could lead us to… Amen.

We are truly sorry Lord, and we repent from our sins right now in Jesus Christ’s powerful name, Amen!

Draw us nearer to Your merciful heart oh God, purify our hearts and bless our minds to always have good thoughts, and to always draw people to You through Jesus Christ our Saviour… Amen.


My dearly brothers and sisters in the Lord, stop whatever you are doing right now and focus all your mind here, as we go into spiritual battle against the furry of our enemies.

If the Son of Man set you free, you are free indeed.


In the mighty name of Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Ghost, we come against Satan and all his demons that are fighting against us.

We stand on the Solid Rock Jesus Christ, and nullifies every plans of the witches and wizards that have been tormenting us… Amen!

May the Omnipotent God shield us from the dart of every evil spirits this night and always, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ… Amen!

Oh God of vengeance, cause the tables of our adversaries to turn into a catch against them; and may their tranquility become a snare to them. Allow them to experience heavy punishments in your resentment and may their evil overwhelm them this night in Jesus Christ mighty name we pray… Amen.


Oh Lord, protect me from every physical and spiritual thieves that may be wanting to steal my wealth or my soul.

Oh Lord protect me against bad dreams and evil nightmare, may I only dream of You always.

Protect me Lord, against every sudden weaknesses, sicknesses and diseases that may be waiting to befall on me this night.

Lord, may You cover me and my family with the precious blood of Jesus Christ.

Oh I bless Your holy name Father, for I know that You have heard my prayers.

O Sovereign Lord, blessed and valid, ascent in your wild anger and don’t extra anybody of the individuals who will deceptively plot evil against me tonight; any place they accumulate this night against me, let them pick their race right now in Jesus Christ’s Glorious name, Amen!

TONIGHT’S DECLARATIONS: Breaking The Yoke Of Stagnation

May the Lord God send His Angels this night to set me free from long time bondage…

May HE uproot all seed planted in my life during the night in Jesus mighty name…

I declare that the Lord of lords shall herald my success, and perfect my promotion this night in the mighty name of Jesus Christ…

I am a child of God the Most High, therefore, I declare that this night shall be a blessed night for my victory in the mighty name of Jesus Christ…

As I sleep tonight, I declare healing and restoration of my success that was stolen by the evil ones in Jesus Christ’s name…

Any alter that was built contrary to my breakthrough be pulled down tonight in Jesus mighty name…

Oh Lord, make this night a break-forth night for me in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord…

Brethrens, according to 1st Samuel 2 vs 7 – “The Lord makes poor, and makes rich. He brings low, and lifts up”. Therefore, I want us to cry to God Almighty; and demand that HE should make us rich through His might.Prayer For Breaking The Yoke Of Stagnation

(Say your private intentions).

As we resides on our beds to rest from today’s works, we shall pray for a better tomorrow and ask God to takeover and direct our paths to greatness.

PRAYER For Breaking The Yoke Of Stagnation

All powerful God, we are privileged to be alive till this moment, we therefore implore you to help us not to die from sleep this night.

God, may our tomorrow be far better than our today which is almost gone.

Bless the works of our hands and cause us to have fruitful achievements in our daily hustle in Jesus Christ’s mighty name, Amen.

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Dear child of God, I cover you with the previous blood of Jesus Christ.

I pray for you that this night shall not witness your last breath on earth, but it shall be a night of liberation from the spirit of death, Amen.

I pray that you shall triumph over your enemies, fears and grief. May the precious blood of our Saviour Jesus Christ answer your calls in the den of the dead.

I pray that all you have been seeking for shall be granted unto you, even as you sleeps this night through the power in the name of Jesus Christ…

You shall be victorious, a conqueror and a testimony to your entire family.

Sleep with confidence and wake up in good health, for we pray in Jesus Christ’s name… Amen.

And may the Almighty God bless and keep you, ✝️in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit… Amen!

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