Catholic Daily Affirmations

Catholic Daily Affirmations : O Heart of Mary, Mother of God, and our Mother, most amiable Heart, object of the complacency of the most adorable Trinity, and worthy of all the veneration and affection of Angels and men;

Heart most conformable to that of Jesus, of which Thou art the most perfect likeness; Heart full of goodness and compassion for our miseries, vouchsafe to melt our frozen hearts, and grant that they may be entirely turned towards the Heart of our Divine Saviour.

Catholic Daily Affirmations
Catholic Daily Affirmations

Infuse into them the love of thy virtues; inflame them with that sacred fire with which thou continually burnest. Take under thy protection the Holy Catholic Church; defend it, and be always its consolation, its asylum and its invincible fortress against every assault of its enemies.

Refrain: Catholic Daily Affirmations

Be thou our way to come to Jesus, and the channel through which we receive all graces necessary for our salvation. Be thou our help in our wants, our relief under afflictions, our comfort in temptations, our refuge in persecutions, and our support in all dangers; but especially in our last conflict at the time of death, when all the powers of hell will use their utmost endeavours to seize our souls in that awful moment, in that terrible crisis, on which depends our eternal lot.

Do thou, at that time, O most pious Virgin, make us experience the sweetness of thy maternal Heart, and the efficacy of thine influence with Jesus, thine all-powerful Son, by opening unto us, a secure refuge in the source itself of mercy, a secure refuge, that we may enjoy the happiness of blessing Him in Heaven for all eternity. Amen.

May the Divine Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, be known, praised, blessed, loved, served, and glorified for ever, by all His creatures! Amen.

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