Catholic Deliverance Ministry (Daily Powerful Prayer)

Catholic Deliverance Ministry (Daily Powerful Prayer) – Prayer Points That Will Help You Defeat Your Spiritual Pharoah.

Catholic Deliverance Ministry
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Catholic Deliverance Ministry

Your stubborn enemies is your spiritual pharoah, they love when you are suffering than when you are rejoicing. They pursue your life without looking back, that is why you must pray against them until divine victory is secured. Remember how rugged you are in the Spiritual realm determines your level of victory.

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Declare: Catholic Deliverance Ministry

1. Let fire of holy ghost consume foundational problems troubling your life and progress, in the name of Jesus, and let blindness befall any stubborn pursuer in your family pursuing your life and progress, in the name of Jesus.

2. Let ground open and swallow any witch or wizard that has vowed to terminate you life and Destiny, and let fire of God consume their altar, in the name of Jesus. By the blood of Jesus Christ I cancel their previous pronouncement affecting your glory, in Jesus name I prayed. From today your glory shall manifest fully.

3. Let God disgrace unfriendly friends pretending to love you but plot evil at your back, in the name of Jesus. From today all your Spiritual pharoah shall not survive in the Redsea, in Jesus name I prayed, Amen.


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