Catholic Prayer For Career And Destiny

Catholic Prayer For Career And Destiny: – Prayer Points For Choosing The Right Career Path

Are you struggling with a career decision? Are you wondering which direction the Lord desires you to go? If so, you are not alone! Many Christians struggle with making career decisions at various points in their lives.


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Making a career decision can be overwhelming without the Lord’s guidance. The most important first step must be prayer to God. He may allow periods of unemployment to gather us closer to Him. Our responsibility lies in our willingness to trust in him and diligently follow the paths He lays before us.

Here are ten prayers to condition your heart to petition the Lord for choosing the right career path;

Declare: Catholic Prayer For Career And Destiny

1- Father I thank you for the opportunity you’ve given me to be able to complete my education successfully.


2- God, thanks for empowering me with talents I can use for meaningful work.

3- Give me eyes to see and ears to hear what you would have me to do.

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4- As I’ve completed my education, Lord, give me an understanding of places where I will thrive.

5- Father Lord, show me the types of environments that will enable me to do my best.

Catholic Prayer For Career And Destiny
Catholic Prayer For Career And Destiny


6- Help me to understand which career path is right for me right now.

7- It can be hard to see the right thing to do from my view within my own circumstances, so I am instead trusting your judgement and your direction to show me what to do and where to go in this season of my life.

8- I praise You for allowing me to discover the right position that will highlight my strengths and veil my weaknesses.

9- If the right position for me does not exist, I thank You for creating it for my sake.

10- I stand on Your word in Psalm 103:17(NKJV) “But the mercy of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear Him.”

I am sure that all these prayers for choosing the right career path will contribute to your gainful employment In Jesus Mighty Name.


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