Daily Catholic Prayer For Children and Infants.

Daily Catholic Prayer For Children and Infants , Say these powerful prayers for your children , may God help you and protect your kids.Catholic Prayer For Children



Refrain: Daily Catholic Prayer For Children and Infants.

1. Father Lord in heaven, I want to thank you for the children you have given me, may your name be exalted in Jesus’ name.

2. Lord, I pray for my children, that no demon will deceive them in Jesus’ name.

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3. I declare and decree by the blood, I will no bury my children in Jesus name. Amen


4. The Bible said children are gifts from the Lord, my father my God, I pray for anyone who is trusting you for the fruits of the womb, may you grant them their heart desires in Jesus’ name. Amen

5. Anywhere they have taken the names of my children to, Lord Jesus I declare that no evil will come to my them in Jesus’ name. Amen

6. Spirit of the living God, guide and protect my children in Jesus’ name. Amen

7. My children will live and not die in Jesus’ name. Amen

May God Protect or kids


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