Short Powerful Catholic Prayer For Family Protection (2021)

Short Powerful Catholic Prayer For Family Protection (2021) , Powerful daily prayer points for divine protection for Catholics.Catholic Prayer For Family Protection



Prayer Points: Catholic Prayer For Family Protection

1. Father Lord in heaven, I want to thank you for today, I want to appreciate you for the gift of life, I thank you for what you have been doing, what you have done, and what you will do in Jesus’ name. Amen

2. Oh Lord, I commit my life into your hands, I commit my night into your hands, I covered my life with the blood of Jesus.

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3. Oh Lord, I will not die young, I will not die before my time, no demon will torment me, no evil spirit will come to me in my dreams


4. Holy spirit we invite you into our homes, into our lives, protect us from any evil spirit.

5. Lord have mercy on us, have mercy on our soul, take all the glory, take all the honor, thank you for answered prayers, in Jesus name. Amen

My God will protect your family.

As A Catholic , Remember:

The Eastern Churches have often depicted Mary as the Odigitria, the one who “shows the way”; and the way is her Son, Jesus Christ. The beautiful, ancient painting of the Odigitria in the Cathedral of Bari comes to my mind: the Madonna who shows Jesus and indicates the Mediator; she is the Odigitria. Mary is always in relation to her Son and in connection with Him. Her hands, her eyes, her behavior are a living “catechism”, she always points out the center: Jesus, the Word Incarnate, the Redeemer.

God bless you.


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