Catholic Prayer For Good Weather

Catholic Prayer For Good Weather :

Author of Life, You wrap the waters in Your clouds, and the cloud does not burst under them without Your command. You obscure the face of the full moon and spread Your cloud over it at a perfect distance so that we are not blinded by its reflection of light. Lord, nature shows just a small fragment of Your beauty and Your complexity. I pray that You bless us with good weather this season so that we may appreciate Your beauty more and more each day, Amen.

Catholic Prayer For Good Weather
Catholic Prayer For Good Weather



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Short Catholic Prayer For Good Weather :

Almighty Father, we raised our hearts to you.
In gratitude for the wonders of creation,
For your providence in sustaining us our needs
and for your wisdom that guides the course of the universe.

God our Father we pray to You for good weather
And clear skies as we celebrate World Teachers Day tomorrow
We pray especially that while we prepare and celebrate Boodle Fight
It will be under fair and comfortable

We know nothing is impossible to You and we ask this of You
With humble and contrite hearts, but confident always of your solicitude and providence.


We ask this through your son Jesus Christ who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit now and forever.

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