Catholic Prayer For Marriage (Restoration Points)

Catholic Prayer For Marriage (Restoration Points): – 5 Powerful prayers for marriage restoration.

Catholic Prayer For Marriage
Catholic Prayer For Marriage



Regardless of our best intentions, there will always be time when our marriage will experience problems and issues. Instead of running away or refusing to face these problems, we should instead run to God,who can make things right. And since the institution of marriage is his product, it’s therefore makes perfect sense that the maker and designer of this great institution be consulted when there are problems.

1. Pray for God’s blessings on my spouse and I. 

Heavenly father, I thank you for who you are and for the promises you have made concerning me and my spouse. Your word is forever true and your promises of blessings and multiplications that you have given me throughout the ages. (Genesis 22:17 ; Hebrew 6:14) is forever mine, in Jesus name. You have promised to bless me exceedingly and it is your heart desire to enlarge my coast. Every satanic covenant that is going against your continual and uninterrupted blessings in this marriage, I command the rain of fire to consume them in Jesus name. Oh Lord let your peace, joy, happiness, and comfort saturate this marriage, in Jesus mighty name Amen.

2. Prayer to remove all negativity from the relationship cause by external people. 


Lord I come to you with this petition because I Know that you have made me one flesh with my spouse and you have said that no man should come in between us (Matthew 19:6) So I take authority over every outside influence that is polluting our marriage, Eve foreign powers that is manipulating this marriage is dealt with in Jesus name. O Lord, reveal their evil agenda , expose them and bring their plans to nought. I pray their seed of discord, hatred, malice and separation that has been sown is uprooted by fire in Jesus name amen.

3. Pray no weapon formed against our marriage shall prosper. 

Heavenly father, I give you all the praise and adoration because your word is ever true. I give you thanks because no weapon that is formed against this marriage shall prosper.(Isaiah 54:17). I declare every arrow shot to destabilize this marriage is broken into pieces in Jesus name. With the spiritual authority given to me through Christ Jesus, I command the fire of God consume every wedge that is put in between me and my spouse, through bad and ungodly advice and false teaching. Every evil hand if demonic manipulation is cursed in Jesus name. I retrieve my marriage from the jaws of the evil one in Jesus name.

4. Holy spirit work in both of us to bring us closer to God and each other. 

Oh Lord, I believe you are working in my life and that of my spouse to reconcile us back to you and each other. Lord stir my spouses thought with the Same good and loving thought that existed when our love for each other was still very strong. Let my heart and that of my spouse burn in love for you and for each other. Lord I rekindle our love for one another, wherever my spouse needs understanding to be drawn to you, father give him or her that understanding. Lord, heal each one of our emotional wounds and cause our hearts to be drawn towards each other in Jesus name amen.

5. Prayer to rebuild trust and honesty in my marriage. 

Lord it is your will that we be reconciled together and that our love for each other will grow and blossom, matter what has happened between us In the past. Lord heal our marriage from all spiritual attacks and manipulations, let this healing Start with me Lord, have mercy on our marriage and rebuild the trust and honesty that has eluded this marriage, Remove and break all ungodly soul ties ,Lord I command seven fold restoration of trust and honesty that the devil one has stolen from us in Jesus mighty name.


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