Catholic Prayer For Money

Catholic Prayer For Money :

Dear Lord, we live in a world where honesty and integrity is severely lacking, but I want to be a wise steward of all I have, honest in all my dealings with those I come in contact and to give of my best to my employer, when it comes to money matters.

Catholic Prayer For Money
Catholic Prayer For Money

Keep me, Lord, from having a grasping attitude, but rather may I develop a generosity, combined with wisdom that only comes from You and help me to spend whatever money I have in a manner that is pleasing to You,


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Short Catholic Prayer For Money :

All-Powerful Father, You are the font of all goodness and righteousness. Through You, even the lilies of the field are adorned and prosper. You have created me in Your image, let Your gifts abundantly fill my cup until it overflows. Bless me with the riches of righteousness and the prosperity of faith, so that my treasure will be stored up in heaven. Amen.

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May God hear your prayers.


In the #GospelOfTheDay (Jn 15:1-8), the Lord wants to say to us that before the observance of his commandments, before the beatitudes, before the works of mercy, it is necessary to be united to Him: to remain in Him is to abide actively and also reciprocally. The branches without the vine can do nothing, they need the sap to grow and to bear fruit; but the vine, too, needs the branches, since fruit does not grow on the tree trunk.

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