Catholic Prayer For Quitting Smoking

Catholic Prayer For Quitting Smoking :

Loving Father, I come to You to pray that You would help me to give up smoking. Father, in my heart I feel that I am not being a good witness to those around me, and although I know that there is no sin in smoking, nevertheless my heart desires to quit this habit, in order to help to be an encouragement to others who are also struggling with the habit of smoking, both believers and non-believers alike.

Catholic Prayer For Quitting Smoking
Catholic Prayer For Quitting Smoking

Lord, I pray that You would take away the desire to smoke and replace it with more and more of a desire to know You more and to draw ever closer to You in the days that lie ahead. Lord, I believe that You are willing and able to give me the strength to quit and to You be all praise. In Jesus’ name,


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Powerful Catholic Prayer For Quitting Smoking :

Dear Lord, I am thankful for the body that You have given me and I declare that I will do it no more harm by no longer smoking. I stand on Your Word, that if the Son shall make you free, then you shall be free indeed. Therefore, I declare freedom from smoking addiction, putting on the Lord Jesus Christ and making no provision for my flesh, in Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

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Catholic Prayer to St. Benedict To Quit Smoking :

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for every thing in our lives, I ask that your will be done, please help my husband stop smoking.

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St. Benedict (jumped in a briar bush when he was tempted by sins of the flesh, so I guess smoking would count, he was also saved miraculously from attempts to poison him, and nictotine is one of the world’s deadliest poisons), please intercede.
St. Augustine, please intercede.
Dorothy Day , please intercede.
St. Joseph, please intercede.
Blessed Mother, please intercede.
I love my husband so much and I need him to be happy and healthy for Anderson and me!
All this I ask in your name.

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