Catholic Prayer For The Right Partner In Life (Prayer Points)

Catholic Prayer For The Right Partner In Life (Prayer Points) , Liberating Prayer Points, For The Right Life Partner.

Catholic Prayer For The Right Partner In Life
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Proclaim: Catholic Prayer For The Right Partner In Life

1.Thank God, for your existence, thank him for waking you up today and for keeping, providing and protecting you

2. Praise him sincerely from the depth of your heart, worship him for he his God all by himself, exalt and proclaim his name.

3. Ask for the forgiveness, sanctification, and purification of sin, and grace not to go back to them again.

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4. Lord jesus I ask for a man/woman after your own heart, someone that cherish and keep to your word.

5. Oh Lord I asked for grace, wisdom, divine guidance and direction to be able to locate and discern the man/woman you’ve destined for me, in Jesus name.

6. Father, may I not miss it maritally in Jesus name.

7. Ever satanic curse/agenda, time wasters, delaying, limiting and wasting my time from settling down with my future partner, hear you the word of the lord and be destroyed in Jesus name.

8. You said in your word, that the thoughts you have for me are thoughts of peace and not of evil to give me an expected end, so therefore let your will, and not mine prevail in my search for a future partner in Jesus name.

9. Lord, I receive clarity as regards to my future partner, am not confused, am not mistaken in the mighty name of Jesus.

10. Thank you oh Lord, for the answered, prayers for I know that you, who have started this, will bring it to completion in Jesus name I pray.

May God hear your prayers.

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