Catholic Prayer Points For Children’s Prosperity

Catholic Prayer Points For Children’s Prosperity , Wherever you are now, say these few prayers to God for the prosperity of your children.

Catholic Prayer Points For Children's Prosperity
Catholic Prayer Points



Pray to God Almighty for your children

Declarations: Catholic Prayer Points For Children’s Prosperity

1. Oh God give me the grace to train up my children in the fear of God.

2. Help my children to be be well recognized and appreciated in their various fields or careers.

3. My children shall not be a beggar but instead they shall be a giver to their generation. They shall be the head and not the tail, they shall sit among kings and not with ordinary men.


4. Oh God I pray for long life and health for my children. No one shall experience untimely or premature death.

5. I command favour upon the love of children. Their destiny helpers shall not rest until they locate them.

6. Oh Lord guide them to make the right choices in choosing their friends.

7. The evil trend of this world shall not influence the life of children. They shall become light to every darkness ruling in this world.

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Thank you oh God for this prayers declaration, for in Jesus mighty name I pray

Somebody say Amen!


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