Catholic Prayer To Lower Blood Pressure

Catholic Prayer To Lower Blood Pressure :

Loving Father, you are God Almighty. I believe in you. Everything seen and unseen came into existence at your command. Your word brings life to both living and non-living things. Indeed, you are God Almighty. I depend on you my Lord and my God. Of course, I know you are capable of healing (mention the name of the person) and keeping your child free from high blood pressure.

Catholic Prayer To Lower Blood Pressure
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Catholic Prayer To Lower Blood Pressure

Father, you sent your son our Lord Jesus Christ to enable us have life abundantly. Help your child to know that you love him so much. Give your children the grace to encounter you in their difficulties. My loving Father, anyone with you can never be put to shame. Therefore, give your sons and daughters suffering from high blood pressure the eyes to see that you are with them.

Give us faith that will calm our nerves and keep us free from any form of anxiety. Your word says we should come to you for rest. Therefore, Grant us the grace to understand this command and help us keep it with total trust in you alone my Lord and my God.

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Father, I have no other God apart from you. I humbly make this request in the name of Jesus Christ your son our Lord.


Short Catholic Prayer To Lower Blood Pressure :

Dear Lord,

Each day I’m thankful for the gift of life and all th blessings you have given me and my family and may I use all this to continously praise and honor your greatness.I would like to ask for your healing care for my blood pressure to normalize so I could ontinue to perform my responsibilities , serve God and spread his love not only to my family, my workplace , my community but for those whom I could serve if I would probably be granted healing.

Series of tests and others are still being done and I’m praying that this hypertension soon flushes out of my system so I can continue to live the life God has for me in its full potential which I know is his plan for all of us.I claim healing,peace and joy living in my body from this day under God’s great loving care and to him as always I give back the honor and glory. Amen.

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May God Hear Your Prayers.

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