Catholic Prayers Against Suicidal Thoughts

Catholic Prayers Against Suicidal Thoughts , Say These Powerful Prayers Against Depression And Suicide Thoughts.

Catholic Prayers Against Suicidal Thoughts
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Catholic Prayers Against Suicidal Thoughts

Many atimes, we get depressed and frustrated as christians, and sometimes think it’s normal, or it’s just physical. No it isn’t, God’s plan for us is to be happy and not sad or down, no matter what is it you’re going through, he is still with you and would never fail you. The devil is trying to use our emotions against us and In so doing, he drifts us apart from our creator.

But now we have the understanding that these things aren’t just physical battles, but spiritual, so we need to tackle them spiritually, by praying, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against darkness of this world, against principalities, against powers, against spiritual wickedness in high places. To start praying, we must first of all give thanks to God and worship him in his majesty, confess your sins and say this few prayer points below, with faith and joy in our hearts:

Prayer Gear: Catholic Prayers Against Suicidal Thoughts

#1 Powers assigned to make me frustrated and depressed, you’re not my creator, today is your end, in the name of Jesus.

#2 Every negative thoughts and imagination used by the devil to make me feel down, disappear in the mighty name of Jesus.

3# Principalities and darkness that says laughter will be an abomination for me, hear the word of the lord, and be gone in the powerful name of Jesus.

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#4 I raise a standard against any agenda of the wicked ones, trying to make all my efforts and hardwork fruitless and futile, inorder to make me feel down.

#5 Because my body is the temple of the most high God, so therefore every negative seed like depression, suicidal thoughts, frustration e.t.c. that the devil has planted in me, is uprooted in Jesus name.

#6 As a child of God, from today I begin to walk in realities like peace, joy, happiness, sound mind, positive vibes, love. In Jesus name

May God Hear Your Prayers.

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