Top 10 Catholic Prayers For Divine Miracles.

Top 10 Catholic Prayers For Divine Miracles , If You Are In Need Of Divine Miracles, Say These Powerful Prayers With Faith.

It is another brand new and beautiful day made by God our Father, and we are privileged to be among the chosen ones in the land of the living this moment.

Catholic Prayers For Divine Miracles
Catholic Prayers For Divine Miracles

My dearest bethrens in Christ Jesus; let us thank our gracious God, and ask Him for His Divine grace, which would enable us to achieve greatness in our today’s endeavours.


Father in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, and by the power of the Holy Ghost; we thank You for the gift of life this day, and for Your steadfast love towards us. We give You all honour, thanksgiving and adoration, we worships You our Lord and our All, for You are worthy to be praised.

Everlasting King of Glory, we are so excited for the unmerited favours which You always shower upon us, upon our families, upon our friends, upon our neighbours and upon our nations. Be magnified or Lord God, and remain exulted forever and ever in the mighty name of Your Son and our Saviour Jesus Christ… Amen!Short Catholic Prayers For Divine Miracles

My dearly beloved, let us examine our hearts and call to the mind of our sins.

Truly, we have offended our faithful Almighty God, and we are no longer worthy of any of His blessings.

It is only sin that can keep us very far from receiving the blessings our Lord God prepared for us. But, since God is always ready to welcome us back as His own, let us cry to Him this moment, and confess our shortcomings, and ask our Heavenly Father for His unending mercies and forgiveness.

PRAYER: Catholic Prayers For Divine Miracles

Everlasting God of mercy, please, look kindly upon us and increase Your mercy in us. Save us from the gravious punishments we deserved as the reward for our ingratitude.

Abba Father, we present before You, the Body and Blood of Your dearly beloved Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and for the sins of the whole universe. Remember the highest sacrifice that was made by Jesus Christ, and cleanse us thoroughly from the stains of uncleaned behaviours of ours.

God of infinite mercy, may the greatest price that Jesus Christ paid on the cross of Calvary to liberate us speak for us right now before Your holy throne. We pray and seek for Your grace that would enable us never to sin again, in the mighty name of our Saviour Jesus Christ… Amen!

Now that we have became friends with God again, let us ask whatever we need from Him. Our God is always ready to grant our requests; therefore, we should not relent in asking from Him, as much as we could.


Father, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, and by His saving power; we come to You this day for more of Your blessings and favours. We are resting on Your feet oh Lord, as we seek for Your abundant grace.

Give us powers to always overcome temptations to sin. Give us more wisdom to always be sensible when trials are near, and give us the meaningful reasons that would make us triumph against our unfaithfulness to you, to our world and to ourselves… Amen.

Oh God of infinite goodness, send forth Your holy Spirit to descend on us and to live in our hearts. May your Spirit shield us from every arrows of sin, and help us to live good lives that would be very pleasing to Your holy name in the mighty name of our Saviour Jesus Christ… Amen!

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My dearly beloved brethrens, as we are all filled with the Spirit of the Most High God, let us now unite our faiths and ask God for special blessings upon each and everyone of us today


By the grace of the Holy Spirit, and in the name of Jesus Christ, we connect our faiths in one Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We pray, and we ask from our Glorious Father, to send upon each of us a special blessing, a special grace, and a special Divine connection.

May GOD’s help lead us to the destinations of our prosperities, may the Angels of God guard our footpaths, and may our Blessed Mary ever Virgin; intercede for us before the presence of God Almighty today and forever in the mighty name of Jesus Christ… Amen!Daily Catholic Prayers For Divine Miracles

In conclusion, my dear friends in the Lord, say ‘Amen’ as I pray for you today:

You shall receive what you have been praying for today…

You shall be covered by the powerful wings of the Almighty God…

You shall triumph over sorrows and over all forms of setbacks…

You shall be released from the state of stagnation and failure…

I release you right now from the bondage of laziness and procrastination…

You shall be celebrated and not demoted…

The sicknesses and diseases that are troubling you shall cease to exist in your life…

The Lord God shall fight for you, and you shall have your peace…

May God send prominent men to locate you and uplift you…

May you have all-round protection and breakthrough…

May the works of your hands provide bountifully for your needs more than your have expected…

And may the Almighty God in His infinite mercy bless you, ✝️in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit… Amen!!!

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