Basic Steps On How to put your angels to work

Basic Steps On How to put your angels to work :

Angels are heavenly messengers, they are sent to us by God to help and assist us on earth. The functions of angels includes the following:


How to put your angels to work
How to put your angels to work


1. Divine guidance(Exo.14:19;23:20)

2. Divine protection(Gen.19:15)

3. Divine vengeance( II Kings 19:35) and


4. Divine provision(I kings 19:5)

Every Christians are entitled to the ministration of angles, however how do we unlock or provoke our angles to work? Let’s login:

1.You can provoke your angels through constant prayers. Note that you don’t command angels because they are not answerable to men. Angles responds to the voice of God, therefore you pray to God to release His angles on your behalf.

2.You can also put your angles to work by reciting a portion of the bible repeatedly. Angels are provoked when you invoke there presence around your environment. Use bible search to get bible verses that talks about angels especially the book of psalms.

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Prayer points: How to put your angels to work

1. Father, let the ministry of angels be real to me. May angels begin to work for me from henceforth in Jesus name.

2. Father, by the ministry of angels I invoke vengeance upon my enemies and I enforce my liberty in Jesus name.

3. Lord, let your angels bring supernatural supply to me, I am divinely guided and protected by angels in Jesus name.

May God hear your prayers and send the right angels to you.


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