Ibreviary Night Prayer (2021 Guide)

Ibreviary Night Prayer (2021 Guide) – Powerful prayer points to pray before going to bed.

Ibreviary Night Prayer
Ibreviary Night Prayer

Prayer Points: Ibreviary Night Prayer

1. Father thank you for you are always there for me through thick and thin. Thank you for you are always there to help even when no one wants to help. Thank you for showing up even in the most difficult situations of my life. Thank you Jesus.

2. My Father my God, as I begin to tarry in the place of prayer, let the supernatural happen in my life tonight in Jesus Name.

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3. Father destroy every powerful forces holding the answers to my prayers, tonight let such powers be rendered powerless in Jesus Name.

4. O LORD my God, release your furnace of fire and destroy those working against my destiny. Let the violent wind from heaven, arise and paralyze every enemy of my destiny in Jesus Name.

5. Father I know you parted the red sea, I know you fell the wall of Jericho, tonight make a way where there seems to be no way in my life and destiny in Jesus Name.

6. Father anyone that has refused to let me go, anyone that says there is no way for me, anyone that says he will sit here to see the way that will be open for me, I command fire to be release upon them now in Jesus mighty Name.

7. My Father, you are my glory and the lifter of my head, therefore, any other demonic power that want to outshine my glory, let your fire be released upon them in Jesus mighty Name.

8. Father in this season let the waves of your glory cover me up, let your glory revolve round about my destiny in Jesus Name.

9. O LORD my God arise and solve every financial, Martial, ministerial, or health problems in my life and family in Jesus mighty Name.

10. In the Name of Jesus, any strong man in charge of the difficulties I am encountering in my life and destiny, Father, pull them down by your power tonight in Jesus Name.

11. In the Name of Jesus, powers assigned to destroy my health be wasted now in Jesus Name.

12. In the Name of Jesus, Powers assigned to subject me to poverty lose your hold over me now in Jesus Name.

13. In the Name of Jesus, I cast out the spirit of death, fear and depression from my life and destiny in Jesus Name.

14. Father in the Name of Jesus, every spirit of suicide, projecting suicidal thoughts to me, come out of me now in the mighty Name of Jesus.

15. Father let my enemies make a mistake that will bring an end to their operation in my life in the Name of Jesus.

16. Father, deliver me from the hands of any Pharaoh in the mighty Name of Jesus.

17. Father you are the Ocean divider, please divide every ocean standing before me and my promise land tonight in the mighty Name of Jesus.

18. Father, please by your mercies put a total end to affliction in my life and family in the mighty Name of Jesus.

19. Arise oh God and let al my enemies be scattered in Jesus name.

20. Your personal prayer request.

21. Sing thanksgiving songs to God for answers to your prayers.

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