Joel Osteen Daily Prayer

Joel Osteen Daily Prayer :


Pray something like this:

“Father, this day and each and every day to come, I firstly bind Satan, then the ruler spirit, and every principality, power, ruler of the darkness, wicked spirit in high places, and all spirits not of the Holy Spirit in all ways, manner, and form in all of their seedings, works, plans, and activities directed at my spouse, children, family members, relatives, all true Christian believers, and lastly, against me.”

Joel Osteen Daily Prayer
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Joel Osteen Daily Prayer

“I bind and loose us all permanently from them, and I speak a curse and destruction upon all of their seedings, works, plans, activities, blueprints, plots, plans, designs, traps, wiles, snares, and assignments against them or me, in any way, manner, or form, to or through any individual, organization, adversary or would-be adversary, from this day, any day past, or any day to come.”

“I bind permanently loose us permanently from, and uproot all of those seedings, works, plans and activities and I curse them at their roots, and by trusting faith, call them cancelled, nullified, never come to pass, and rendered of no effect, all in Christ Jesus’ Name.”

Refrain: Joel Osteen Daily Prayer

“Your Word says Father, that no weapon formed against me (us) shall prosper. Therefore, Father, I decree that no weapon formed against me (us) prospers this day or any day to come. Your word says, Father, that trouble shall not arise a second time. Therefore, Father, I decree that Satan cannot make trouble for me (us) again, in this matter, as he did in the past, in Christ Jesus’ Name.”

“Your Word says, Father, that when the enemy comes in that Your Holy Spirit will raise a standard against them. Therefore, Father, I decree that the Holy Spirit stops Satan, and all of his evil spirits, dead in their tracks in all things regarding my loved ones and me. Your Word says, Father, that in that day we shall decree (declare, speak) a thing and it will come to pass (Job 2:28). Therefore, Father, I decree all of these prayers accomplished and brought to pass by trusting faith and expectation, in Christ Jesus’ Name. (Remember that faith calls the things that are not as though they already are, in the Name of Christ

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