Short Midnight Prayer Points 2021 With Bible Verses.

Short Midnight Prayer Points 2021 With Bible Verses , 8 Midnight Prayers: Talk to God with these prayers before you sleep tonight.

Say these prayers to God from the bottom of your heart


Midnight Prayer Points 2021
Midnight Prayer


Midnight Prayer Points 2021:

1.Oh lord God Almighty, i thank you for your love and mercy upon my life.

2. Oh God I commit my life into your hands this moment, I ask for your wings of protection to dwell upon my family.

3. I command every power operating in the dark to do me evil to be disgrace tonight.


4. Let the portal of divine breakthrough be open to me and my household tonight.

5. Oh Lord deliver me from every valley of sickness and shadow and death.

6. I shall live long because Jesus Christ has died to sustain me life, I shall not fear what man can do unto me.

7. Oh Lord make me a living testimony to my the world and my generation.

8. I sanctify my environment with the precious blood of Jesus,

Thank you oh God for prayer answered, for in Jesus name I pray

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Somebody say Amen!


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