Say This Powerful Morning Prayer Before Work Everyday.

Say This Powerful Morning Prayer Before Work Everyday , Recite These Powerful Prayers And Declarations Before You Embark On Your Daily Activities.

Halleluyah!!! God has given us another blessed day. A day that is sufficient with Divine mineral resources. The gift of new life we got today is a symbol of hope, a symbol of blessings and of upliftment.


Morning Prayer Before Work
Morning Prayer Before Work


My brethrens, let us appreciate this same God that gifted us this new life and hand over to Him our today’s activities, so that whatever plans He has for us would manifest in us through Jesus Christ our Lord… Amen.


Father in the name of Jesus Christ, and by the power of Holy Spirit, we thank You for Your steadfast love towards us, for Your mercies and for Your compassions oh Lord. We are so happy for the new life that we are leaving right now, may Your holy name be lifted up above every other names in Jesus Christ’s mighty name… Amen!


My dear friends, it is written in the book of Job chapter 36 verse 11 thus: “if they obey and serve him, they shall spend their days in prosperities, and their years in pleasures”. The Holy Scripture want us to draw nearer to God Almighty.

God is the Master of the whole universe, He is our Father, so he deserves our obedience and worships. He has promised to bring overflowing blessings to you and I, only if we adores Him. Therefore, let us call to mind our sins and ask God for forgiveness…Catholic Morning Prayer Before Work


Almighty God in heaven, we come unto You this morning that You will be pleased to cleanse us from every sin we have committed against Your merciful heart, against ourselves and against our neighbours. Forgive us of our duties that we neglected and have mercy on us once again in the mighty name of Your only Begotten Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ… Amen.

As we now obey and serve You, may You shine Your light upon our lives. We commit the work of my hands unto You, let your blessings overflow in Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.

The Holy Bible made us to understand that we are at war, but not against the human flesh, but against the principalities and powers. Therefore, if we must triumph, we need to be very strong spiritually and physically so that we can combat and win against the enemy of the children of the Most High God.

Since we can’t get armed forces to protect us in the spirit, prayer is a spiritual way to protect ourselves spiritually.


Almighty Redeemer, we command by the authority given unto us according to your Words, we proclaim this day that every siege, placed against my breakthrough financially, maritally, spiritually, mentally, academically and physically be over in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

Through the powers of Your mighty name, manifest Yourself in our lives oh Lord God Almighty; in all my daily endeavours, let me be moving from glory to glory in Jesus Christ’s name, Amen!

The Lord is our light and our salvation, so every darkness around us shall disappear. God Almighty will promote us to new and greater levels of fruitfulness and divine expansion.

Let us now unite our faiths and declare in conclusion what we want God to do for us today.

DECLARATIONS: Morning Prayer Before Work

We declare that nothing shall spoil our joy and happiness. Every moment of our joy and happiness shall not turn to sorrow… Amen.

The Lord shall decorate our lives with multiple blessings and God will change our sad story to joyful glory, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ… Amen.

We decree that the Lord shall set us free from family problems which hinders our benefactors from locating us. May the Lord shine His light to the darkness that envelops my life… Amen.Daily Morning Prayer Before Work

We pray that the Lord will rend apart the captivity garments we are wearing which turned me to a wanderer, and pull us out of wilderness that made our benefactors forgot us all those whiles… Amen.

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Oh Lord, come with Your fire and unlock us from all evil padlock working against our lives. And may all powers which are trying to eliminate us in the cell, be consumed by fire in Jesus mighty name we have prayed… Amen!!!

May the Almighty God in His infinite mercy grant our requests ✝️in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost… Amen!

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