Most Powerful Prayer Catholic (Say Daily)

Most Powerful Prayer Catholic (Say Daily) , Powerful Prayers That Attract Favor And Mercy for Catholics , written by Donald Chuks.

Most Powerful Prayer Catholic
Most Powerful Prayer Catholic



Declare: Most Powerful Prayer Catholic

1. Thank God, thank him for all he has been doing, what he’s doing presently, and what you believe he’s still gonna do.

2. Praise him in truth and with a sincerity of heart, worship him in his majesty and declare his good works, praise him for he is God all by himself.

3. Ask for the forgiveness and sanctification of sin, and plead that mercy speaks over judgement in your life.

4. Father you said in your word that we should come boldly unto the throne of grace, so as to obtain mercy. Lord I have come let mercy prevail over my life.


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5. As I go out today, let me be surrounded by the gifts of men, let men favor me both from far and near.

6. My going out and coming in shall be favoured and blessed in the mighty Name of Jesus.

7. May destiny helpers locate me for good, in the Name of Jesus.

8. Lord you said you will have mercy on who you will have mercy on, and you will have compassion on whom you will have compassion on. Lord I plea that you count me worthy, and have mercy and compassion on my humble self.

9. As I go out today may men favor me, and may I find favor like mary did, in your sight, Oh Lord.

10. Oh Lord, let your sure mercy be upon me, your mercy that is sure, mercy that never ends, mercy that even sin cannot hinder, and mercy that even the devil or enemy can’t tamper with, in Jesus Name.

My God will hear your prayers.


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