RCCG: Pastor E.A Adeboye Morning Prayer (Daily Guide)

RCCG: Pastor E.A Adeboye Morning Prayer (Daily Guide) , Commit your ways with these few prayers to God Almighty.

Every new day is an opportunity to come to the Lord in prayers, for He alone can set our life in total order.


Pastor E.A Adeboye Morning Prayer
Pastor E.A Adeboye


We should always trust and believe God for answers whenever we pray to Him.

Prayer Points: RCCG: Pastor E.A Adeboye Morning Prayer

1.Oh Lord God, I thank you for this wonderful opportunity to see this bright new and promising day.

2. Oh Lord I need your divine hand to fully rest upon my career this morning.


3. I plead the blood of Jesus to purge and sanctified us from every iniquities and filthiness.

4.Let the power and skills to acquire wealth come upon me and let there be increase in my store house today.

5.Oh Lord deliver me from every shadow death and every picture of accident.

6. Oh Lord lift my life from my present level to another greater height.

7. Oh Lord let every door of prosperity be open widely to my destiny today.

8. I cancel shame and reproach from my life this moment. Let your glory come become a reality in my life oh Lord.

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Thank you heavenly for prayer answered, for in Jesus name I pray

Somebody say Amen


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