Powerful Prayer Of Rededication And Commitment For Christians.

Powerful Prayer Of Rededication And Commitment For Christians , Prayers to say to commit your life to God , May go hear you and bring you closer.

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Jesus Christ told us in the Bible that men ought always to pray and not to faint. As a believer, we should always be ready to pray at all times because the devil is always coming to steal,kill and to destroy lives.

Prayer Of Rededication And Commitment
Prayer Of Rededication And Commitment


Let us pray

1. I lift my voice to worship the Holy name of the creator of heaven and earth, I thank you oh God for making a living witness to this new month.


2. Oh God my saviour, I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over my life, show me mercy and cleanse me from all iniquities.

3. Oh Lord i surrender my will and my heart to you, help me to be submissive to the control of the Holy Ghost.

4. Oh God my father, direct and guide my path according to your will today.

5. Oh I pray for more grace to be connected to my financial and material life.

6. Make me a blessings and a star to my family and my generation.

7. Oh God protect me from every form of road and home accident.

8. Oh Lord the great physician, deliver me from sickness,diseases and spiritual afflictions.

9. As I go out today, may your mighty hand of protection be upon me and make a mysterious way for me today.

Thank you Jesus Christ for prayers answered.

For in Jesus name I pray, Amen.


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