Short Midnight Prayer Points For God’s Protection

Short Midnight Prayer Points For God’s Protection , May God use this prayer and protect your entire family from the plans of the evil ones.Midnight Prayer Points For God's Protection



Declare: Midnight Prayer Points For God’s Protection

1. Lord Jesus, I thank you for making me see the end of today, it’s not by our power or by our money but it’s by your grace and love, I say may your name be exalted in Jesus name. Amen

2. Lord as I am about to sleep now, no demon will come close to me in Jesus name. Amen

3. Lord I commit my sleep into your hands, guide me, protect me, I will sleep and wake up in peace in Jesus name. Amen

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4. I decree and declare by the blood of the lamp, that I will not die in my sleep, I will not be initiated into any devil group in my dreams in Jesus name. Amen

5. Lord Jesus, I pray for everyone associated to me, that none will die in their sleep in Jesus name. Amen

6. Thank you Lord for answered prayers, thank you Jesus, thank you holy spirit, for in Jesus name I have prayed. Amen

7. Successful people don’t waste time on unnecessary things

God will announce you soon.


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