Powerful Short Prayer For Instant Breakthrough.

Powerful Short Prayer For Instant Breakthrough , If You Are In Need Of Breakthrough, Say These Prayers Immediately You Wake From Sleep.

Always learn to seek God for his guidance and protection in all you do. Know it today that prayer is powerful when we believe in God. God is our Father, and HE is the only One that is capable of giving his children divine protection, guidance and direction.

Short Prayer For Instant Breakthrough
Short Prayer For Instant Breakthrough

As the true children of God the Most High, we are entitled to His Divine security if only we can confidently ask Him, as our Heavenly Father.

Therefore, I want you to join your faith with the faith of all the faithful around the globe, and declare these prayer points below before you step out of your house this Monday morning:


Father Lord in Heaven, thank You for giving me the opportunity to see another day. I know that there are people who couldn’t see today but I’m here. I bless Your holy name God, may You be pleased to receive my thanksgiving and adoration in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Saviour… Amen.

(Open your mouth and give thanks to the Lord our God)

Brethrens, let us now settle the matter of our salvation before any other thing. Let us seek God in prayer of repentance, for we were charged by the Holy Bible to “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness; and every other good things shall be added unto us”.

Confess your sins to Him, every sin you have ever committed and are aware of, plead with Him to forgive you those sins, promise Him that you won’t repeat them, believe He has forgiven you, sincerely forsake those sin, proclaim Jesus as your saviour and Lord, and henceforth live your life according to all that is written in the Bible.

May our beloved Creator in His infinite mercy shine his face upon you as you make this bold step of repentance through Jesus Christ our Lord; Amen.Prayer For Instant Breakthrough

Now, my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, be bold enough to present yourself before God and ask Him anything as His child, believing that He shall grant your requests immediately… Amen.


My Father, my Creator, I present myself before You this day because I know that there is no impossibility with you. I pray and decree this moment that the windows and doors of heaven shall be opened unto me. Father, let Your blessings be showered upon me today and all the days of my life, in the Powerful name of Jesus Christ… Amen.

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TODAY’S DECLARATION: Short Prayer For Instant Breakthrough

As I step out today, let doors of breakthrough be opened unto me.

Bless me today to the extent that people would be marveled with glorious surprises when they look at me… Amen.

Whoever has received grace and wants to close the door of grace against me shall be disappointed in Jesus name… Amen.

Today, I shall come out of every valley and ascend to my hill of celebration, in Jesus mighty name… Amen.


My dear people of God, the only person who can determine how far you will go in life is the One who created you. Therefore, I charge you this day to stand firm and trust God as you keep saying ‘Amen’ to these prayers I am about to say in your favour.Daily Short Prayer For Instant Breakthrough


Anyone assigned to redesign your life shall end up with colossal shame…

No one can ever bring down your destined upliftment…

You shall have greater reasons to smile today and glorify the goodness of the Lord in your life…

May God bless your hustle and make the works of your hands to prosper…

You shall be blessed in the morning, afternoon, evening and night…

Your enemies shall always be disappointed from the snare of their traps…

You are destined to win, and henceforth, I pray that you should become a winner with immediate effect…

And may the Almighty God bless and keep you: ✝️in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit… AMEN!!!


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