Spiritual Warfare Prayers Against Enemies (MFM)

Spiritual Warfare Prayers Against Enemies (MFM) , Say This Short Prayer Every Morning For God To Fight All Your Hidden Battles.

Spiritual Warfare Prayers Against Enemies
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Spiritual Warfare Prayers Against Enemies

Merciful Father, I come into your presence this morning to glorify your holy name. I come with a heart full of thanksgiving. I worship you Lord because of your blessings upon my life. I thank you for bringing me into a new day. I thank you for the gift of life and hope. I thank you for being my strength when am weak.

Declare: Spiritual Warfare Prayers Against Enemies

I thank you for guiding me against all the wicked plans of my enemies. I thank you for seeing me through the night. I worship you for your great love upon me. When I look around me, I see your glory and miracles upon my life. May your Name be highly praised. Father, all have sinned and fallen short of your glory. My sins are ever before me, forgive me and I will be worthy of thy praise.

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Father, I come before you this morning to declare good things into my life. I know that when you are for me, no one can stand against me. I command every evil alter where my name is written to set ablaze this very moment. Destroy every evil force that will rise against me today.

May every plans of my enemies tear apart. Bless me Lord and grant the desires of my heart. You are the God that makes everything fall into their place. Father, rise and calm every storm in my life. I come against anything that will bring tears to my eyes this day. I will not die neither will I be destroyed by my enemies. May this day bring testimonies into my life. All these and many other blessings I seek through Christ my God Amen. Type Amen to this prayer and God will guide and protect you today.

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