This your reminder that God is in control.

This your reminder that God is in control . – Top Facts

?If you have had a conversation with me in the past 2 years, I will tell you that all I have is because of God, not me.


God is in control
God is in control


?The overflow of blessings I’ve experienced started when I started to trust Him and put His way first.

? When I stopped idolizing money, I experienced financial overflow.

? When I stopped idolizing success, I gained more success.


? When I stopped making it about me in areas of my life and made it about Him, I would start to experience blessing.

? Everyday, I start my day praying to the Holy Spirit. I thank Him for being my helper and guiding me throughout my day.

?I get on my knees and repent. Most days end up in tears when I pray because I don’t feel worthy of any of it.

?The more I spend time with the Spirit, the more I realize how sweet His presence is. There is no place I’d rather be. Truly.

?Have anxiety? depression? fear? addiction? Give it to God. Tell those around you what you are struggling with, bring it to light, have friends pray for you and with you.

? Pray together. Praying alone is powerful, but when 2 or more are gathered and pray, He is there. That’s a promise of God. Matthew 18:20

?Thank God for what he is doing in your life, whether you are in a valley or on the peak of the mountain, thank Him.

? My prayer for you: Thank you, Holy Spirit for everyone that reads this. I pray you encounter and fill them with your presence. Fill them to overflowing with your sweet presence that it leaves them wanting to know you in a deeper way.

?I believe in the power of prayer, DM me if you need me to pray for you. It’s confidential between me, you & God.

???Fun fact: I used to be an atheist before I radically encounter the Holy Spirit through someone praying for me. Want to hear more? Let’s get coffee and chat about it.


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