Traditional Catholic Morning Offering (2021 Guide)

Traditional Catholic Morning Offering (2021 Guide) , Say This Short Prayer Every Morning For God To Fight All Your Hidden Battles.

Father, I bless and worship your holy name this morning because you have brought me into a new day. I bow before your throne to say, thank you Lord. I thank you for all you have been doing in my life. I thank you for your healing and deliverance. Almighty Father, I thank you for fighting my battles. I thank you for your protection.

Traditional Catholic Morning Offering
Traditional Catholic Morning Offering

Refrain: Traditional Catholic Morning Offering

I thank you for leading me through the night. I thank you for turning my sorrow into joy. Father, I am alive today is only by your grace. I have many reasons to say you thanks to you, Lord. You are the only one that deserve all my glory and honor. Be thou exalted, Almighty Father because your goodness and mercies endureth forever. I pray this morning that you forgive my sins and give me the grace to overcome temptations.

I declare by the power of thy holy ghost this morning for a total restoration in my life. Bless and deliver me from every evil forces that will rise against me today. Destroy every evil alter where my name or properties are kept. Father, I seek you today. Bless me and deliver me from every obstacle.

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Protect and see to my going out and coming back home today. I cancel every spirit of death and accident that is hovering around me. Bless the works of my hands, Lord. May this day bring a lot of good things that will make my enemies understand the power of your existence. Put smiles upon my face and destroy everything that will bring tears and sorrow to me this day. All these and many other blessings I seek through Christ my God Amen. Type Amen to this prayer and God will bless you today.

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