14 Reasons Why Men Leave The Women They Love.

14 Reasons Why Men Leave The Women They Love.

What causes a man to leave his wife for another young lady? It’s a question that every woman has asked at least once in her life.


Reasons Why Men Leave The Women They Love
Reasons Why Men Leave The Women They Love



List Of Reasons Why Men Leave The Women They Love :

There are a variety of reasons why men abandon the women they love. Even the happiest of marriages can fall short.

1. You’re starting to act like his mother.

A spouse who annoys her spouse or treats him like a child will not be able to keep a full family together. And as a result, the love he has for you may begin to deteriorate with time.


2. He felt he was being exploited.

If a spouse believes he is being exploited by his partner, he may be forced to leave the relationship. People who are married abandon their marriages in part because they feel disrespected.

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3. There is no passionate intimacy.

Lack of intimacy may be another reason why a man may choose to leave his marriage or relationship.

5. He met someone else.

The joy of something new frequently causes men to abandon the women they love.

6. He perceives the relationship as an emotional burden.

This is another hidden reason why a man may choose to leave a woman he has been in a relationship with for a long time.

7. He appears to be unable to be himself.

Many people will tell you that a man will abandon a young lady he loves because she is “nagging” him excessively. But in most cases, that is not the only reason why a man may have to leave the woman he loves.

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8. He’s fed up with the relationship.

As time goes on, the interesting qualities that attract a man to a woman may begin to fade away, and, as a result, he may no longer be interested.

9. Irritation

Another reason why someone would call it quits is because of this. He is dissatisfied.

10. When the emotional bond is broken

This may seem strange to you, but the truth is that in courtship, men seek emotional stability. When a man has any reason to trust issue, he may no longer be interested in being in a relationship with you.

11. When she is always complaining, irritated, and judgmental, a man may choose to leave her.

Indeed there are girls that can complain the whole world to a man , not minding he is a human being like you , if you are one of those girls , stop from today.

12. Lack of respect.

Love and mutual attraction are the things that bring people together, but they aren’t enough to make it work. The foundation is built on various factors, such as trust and respect. In the end, a relationship that lacks recognition will not be able to survive. A man deserves respect just as much as a woman does. If a man is continuously chastised, degraded, and ignored, he will undoubtedly feel terrible about it. He can lose interest in courting if he isn’t always disrespected. In the long term, it may also cause him to seek greener pastures.

14. You’re not the same woman he fell in love with any longer.

Change is indeed constant, which is why women should be careful about the type of changes they embrace. When a man no longer sees all those attractive qualities he once liked in you, he might no longer be interested in the relationship.


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