20 Questions You Must Ask Your Girlfriend Before Proposing Marriage

20 Questions You Must Ask Your Girlfriend Before Proposing Marriage :

There are important questions that should be asked, and sincere answers that must be gotten, regardless of how scandalous they are, for couples who have been together for a long time and have now started to think about presenting and taking the relationship to the next stage.


Questions You Must Ask Your Girlfriend Before Proposing Marriage
Questions You Must Ask Your Girlfriend Before Proposing Marriage


Stepping into a wedding, as lovely as it may be, is a lot like moving into a business agreement. Before signing a contract, you are logically required to ask pertinent questions; questions that, in a large number of cases, will clear up any uncertainties you may have. Due diligence is the term used to describe this process. The concept also applies to marriage and relationships.

So, before you propose to your baby, the one with the perfect eyes and honey-suckle lips, make sure you ask as many questions as possible.

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There won’t be enough time to ask all of the questions at once, or in a single sitting, which is why It is even recommended as a wise reminder to ask a few of these crucial questions impulsively, while she is unaware and unprepared.

Remember that the most important component here is to first figure out what you want: what themes are most important to you, what you can’t bend or spoil, and basic values that you can’t bend or ruin, and then shape those questions around that.

In most cases, this means there may be unique and tailored questions for you and your relationship. However, several popular questions are asked in most, if not all, relationships.

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Here are 20 Questions You Must Ask Your Girlfriend Before Proposing Marriage :

1. Do you still have feelings for your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend?

2. What is your preferred method of communication when it comes to love?

Do you believe in the validity of love languages?

3. How do you handle stress and pressure?

4. What is your general take on feminism? What do you think the gender roles in marriage should be like?

5. Will you be able to support your husband with all your resources?

6. Do you find the concept of a joint account repulsive?

7. What are your religious beliefs?

8. How many children do you require? Do you prefer large extended families or small families?

9. How do you think we should settle disputes when we fight? Are you a combative person? Do you yell and shout later on, and/or are you the type that keeps silent or malice for a long period?

10. How do you feel when you’re angry?

11. Even when you’re angry, who do you listen to? Who do you regard the most when you are angry?

12. Have you ever been involved in an emotionally or physically abusive courtship?

13. Who is your role model in terms of marital matters? Which couple’s marriage do you aspire to be like? Or do you simply trust yourself to create your path in marriage as you go?

14. On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your sex drive?

15. How has your parents’ marriage changed? Do you wish to have a wedding similar to theirs?

16. How do you see kids fitting into our life?

17. How will you handle it if we drift apart?

18. How do you expect to cope with our sexual ebbs and flows?

19. What’s your take on vacations, and how often would you like to take them?

20. Do you want to save a lot early on, or save up in bursts for things like a vacation or a new TV?


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