How To Drive A Girl Crazy Over Text (2021 Guide)

How To Drive A Girl Crazy Over Text (2021 Guide) – Below are tips and How a girl wants you to text her.

How To Drive A Girl Crazy Over Text
How To Drive A Girl Crazy Over Text



Steps On How To Drive A Girl Crazy Over Text:

1. When texting a girl, you should avoid making some grammatical and spelling errors. Most times, if you are a guy who ignores this fact, you might find it difficult to impress a girl through texting. Checking your grammar and spelling should always be on your mind when texting a girl you intend to have a relationship with.

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2. Don’t assume she knows who you are; begin the conversation by reminding her of your identity. This should be applied when texting her for the first time. Do not make the mistake of going straight to texting her without making sure she knows you.

3. Don’t make yourself look horrible, anxious, or bring yourself down with self-deprecating humor. Always keep it cool and avoid acting so desperate.


4. Use emoji, but not too many of them: an excessive number of emoji makes you appear infantile and goofy, so use fewer emoji.

5. Avoid being sarcastic

. Ask one question at a time: While texting a woman, one query at a time, you can ask her any other questions once she’s finished with your first. Guys who are very inquisitive may want to bombard her with too many questions, which is wrong. As a result, she might get exhausted and may no longer want to text you back since she knows you will bring up another question. Always remember to make it engaging.

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7. Be the one to put an end to communication: in most circumstances, you should be the one to put an end to verbal exchanges.

8. Never ask her if she got your message. When texting a woman, never ask if she received your previous message. Things like this occur when she delays her reply. As a man, it is important to understand that she is free to respond whenever she wants, so don’t show your eagerness by asking this question. Don’t be a jerk about it.

9. While you’re being blown off, keep in mind that you shouldn’t appear desperate. Is there no response? If she doesn’t respond, wait 24 hours before following up with another message.

10. Go on with your life.

You’re a badass, so don’t make her feel too special; instead, keep it low-key. When you act in this way, 70% of the girls will like you.

This method does not work on all ladies, so study before attempting to use it. This approach listed above is effective.


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