6 Top Signs That Girl Likes You but Simply Playing Hard to Get.

6 Top Signs That Girl Likes You but Simply Playing Hard to Get.

Every woman wishes to feel the rush of adrenaline and the excitement of the chase. However, it’s no longer all about the trills; girls will occasionally play hard to get to distinguish jokers from capable fiances or husbands.


Signs That Girl Likes You but Simply Playing Hard to Get
Signs That Girl Likes You but Simply Playing Hard to Get


You must be able to recognize whether a woman is playing hard to get or isn’t interested. Because if you continue to disturb a woman who isn’t interested in you, you’ll be labeled a creep and a restraint order will be granted against you. When you want to maintain a piece of your happiness when pursuing a female There are certain clear signs you should consider.

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List Of Signs That Girl Likes You but Simply Playing Hard to Get:

1. She claims to be too busy.

A woman who is playing hard to get will do everything she can to avoid appearing desperate, which includes rejecting your calls and texts and contacting you later. The amusing aspect is that she might be online, tweeting, or using whatever app she wants, but she’ll tell you she’s too busy to respond to your text.

2. She Will Reject Your First Outing

She will not agree to your first attempt to take her out on a date, but she will not dismiss the idea completely.

She might give you reasons, such as having a lot going on at work, promising to see a friend that day, or attending to a sick family member.

3. She would never utter the phrase “I am not interested.”

A lady who is playing hard to get will not say “no” or will most likely tell you “yes.” This is because she is interested in you but is unsure about you.

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You should pay attention to how she reacts to your verbal exchanges, meetings, and how she treats you. A woman’s body language is her primary means of indicating whether or not she is involved, but you must know how to interpret it. Some signs that she is into you include eye dilation, blushing, breaking the contact barrier, and allowing you into her personal space.

4. She makes you envious

It seems evil, but women do this to know if you truly love them.

She can bring up men from her past that you have never met. Some of the time, these guys don’t even exist. She’s trying to get you to compete for her attention and see how far you’ll go to outdo the males in her life. The more you fight for her, the more special she will feel, and the more likely you are to get your first date.

5. She can be found both inside and outside.

When girls are playing hard to get, they throw in a little misery into the mix. She may be all over you, laughing at your jokes, giving you all the green lights to signal you’re getting somewhere, and then, all of a sudden, come up with a cold one. And now she’s too busy to see you, so she’s canceled all of your plans. This is a test to see how much endurance you have.

6. She takes the time to take a good look at herself.

When we’re among the people we care about, we all need to look our absolute best. She might avoid you if she’s having a bad hair day or if she doesn’t feel like she’s at her best.

If she hasn’t answered yes and is taking her time getting ready before you meet, just be patient because it implies she likes you. The pursuit is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the dating game. To be ahead of the game and stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to master this technique.

Girls would continually sift through men they like before committing to a relationship with them. The technique of playing hard to get will take as long as the female is unsure of where you stand. Best of luck!


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