7 Top Things Men Want from Ladies More than Good Looks

7 Top Things Men Want from Ladies More than Good Looks :

Most women are acutely aware of their beauty, and many of them believe that, since they are well-dressed, every man should bow to them. What many females fail to realize is that while beauty may attract a man, other qualities retain him.


Things Men Want from Ladies More than Good Looks
Things Men Want from Ladies More than Good Looks



List Of Things Men Want from Ladies More than Beauty

Aside from an attractive appearance, there are a few characteristics guys look for in a woman. Today I’m sharing with you 7 characteristics that men demand from women, in addition to attractive looks.

1. Smartness.

Guys, especially those who are educated, like to brag about their women’s intelligence. A person is likely to be strongly drawn to you, but if he perceives you to be depressed, he may not feel compelled to take you seriously. To a man, an intellectual young lady is a valuable resource.


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2. Natural.

Most women nowadays do not value their natural beauty. You’ll hardly notice a young lady who isn’t wearing makeup. There’s nothing wrong with using cosmetics to enhance your appearance, but most people despise it when you use excessive makeup. Most men prefer a natural lady.

3. Humility.

You may be as beautiful as a goddess, but if you are not humble, no man will want to be your life partner. Most women have a proclivity to be rude to guys, which is wrong.

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4. Supportive.

My advice to ladies is to stop boasting about your beauty and start speculating about how to shape yourself into a self-subordinate being. Get a skill set, develop a trade, and get a handle on things.

5. Neatness.

Every man desires a faultless and spotless woman. Most girls appear attractive from the outside, but they are messy and untidy on the inside. You must refrain from doing so.

6. Maturity.

Men value maturity in women more than attractiveness. Men will be intrigued by the way she carries herself and managed the situation surrounding her.

7. Hardworking.

If you are a lady, your appearance will not get you far if you are lazy. We’re living in the present day, and guys are chasing after hard-working women. Most men require a determined lady who can support them in their lives.

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