Pastor Jerry Eze Prayer Request and Phone Number

Stay connected with Pastor Jerry Eze Prayer Request and note that you can call his Phone Number or send him a email using the details below.

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Contact Pastor Jerry Eze
Contact Pastor Jerry Eze


The Pastor Jerry Eze Prayer line details is mainly for those who want to send a prayer intention to him using his official phone number or email address.

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How To Send A Prayer Request To Pastor Jerry Eze:

1. Send it to his official phone number +234 (0) 706-337-1801 or +234 (0) 816-345-2840

2. You can use the official email address of Pastor Jerry Eze

3. You can use the mail address below:

Streams of Joy International,
Klm 4 Ikot Ekpene Road,
Umuahia 440234,
Abia State

What Is The Official Phone Number Of Pastor Jerry Eze

Phone Number Of Pastor Jerry Eze

The Official Phone Number Of Pastor Jerry Eze is +234 (0) 706-337-1801

What Is The Official Email Address Of Pastor Jerry Eze

Email Address Of Pastor Jerry Eze

The Official Email Address Of Pastor Jerry Eze is

How Can I Contact Pastor Jerry Eze

Contact Pastor Jerry Eze

To Contact Pastor Jerry Eze , Use the details shared above.


52 thoughts on “Pastor Jerry Eze Prayer Request and Phone Number”

  1. Accept my sincere greetings. It is my first time to contact you guys by writing. I also wish to introduce myself. I am called Simon and I live in Denmark. I have subscribed to your Facebook page where I can connect to your online prayer. As one who wants to develop in the things of God. I decided to write to you Pastor Jerry Eze. I will end here and hopefully hear from you soon. May Our great God continue to shower with his blessings.

    • Good afternoon pastors Jerry and Eno, my name is Sonia, I am a new member to your live streams on YouTube. I will like to contact pastor on some intimate issues, I cannot write on this platform. My case is urgent. Until I hear from you. God bless.

    • Praying for God mercy to release ? financial breakthrough today, things a stagnant for long , l want God to cancel my debts and send destiny helpers to help me in my business, My son to find a good job and free from addiction of smoking weed. Marriage restoration, promotion and favour.

  2. Pastor Jerry good morning . I need prayer . Enemies has been fighting evil battles against me , let the Lord arise for me now

  3. Good morning Pastor Jerry
    Have apply for Canada visa over 3 months now no reply from Embassy yet,
    Am 36 years still not married
    I also pray for financial doors to be open for My Mother children

  4. David chibuzor Obi thanking God for the gift if life upon him and his entire family.praying and asking GOD for job employment. (Arco integrated solution, total, les energy serving Nigeria limited). Praying and asking GOD for marital favour(marriage) for my siblings this year. Praying and asking GOD for divine healing upon my pile. Praying and asking GOD for a successful interview and for journey mercies upon my brother.Praying and asking GOD for financial increase and project completion in my entire family.

  5. 1,I need money for my business to be given to me by my husband on the 5th of September 2021
    2,My online business I need a connection 10th September 2021
    3,I need a financial favour on the 1st of September 2021
    4, destiny helper locate him on 5 of September 2021
    5, peace and love in my marriage total restoration in my house on the 1st of September 2021
    6, I need a job for my sister’s husband on the 10th of September 2021
    7,I need wisdom and understanding to be able to run my business when it open September now
    8,Let the Spirit of stubbornness in the life of my children be destroy on the 1st of September 2021
    9,Let every wicked Uncle in my family die on the 4th of September 2021
    10,Lord I want to be able to read and write proper from tomorrow first September 2021
    11,Lord give my husband business ideas so he will be able to his own business on the 15th of September 2021
    12, my brothers and sister in law love and cherish me that hatred I have for me let it die the 2nd of September 2021
    13,let the bond between me and my husband is very strong that no man or woman will come in between on the 1st of September 2021
    14, financial open doors blessings upon my family on the 5th of September 2021
    15,Lord I need all my debt to be settled from now to 25th of September 2020
    16, peace in my life now
    17, for now I be favoured in every area of my life from the 1st of September 2021

  6. 1) Normal cell AA genotype for Barnabas and Joseph Andrew, Benjamin Ochai and joy Ibrahim.
    2) No Stroke No Avacular Nicrosis and No side effects on any organs and System of BJBJ.
    3) Marital Settlement ( New home ) for Francis 22/10/2021 and My Hauwa 22/11/2021.
    4) My mother, brothers nephews nieces, wives Salvation in Jesus name.
    5) Financial open door and gate
    6) Good, Favorable identity
    7) Obago Job that I will more than one year salary for a month
    8) international open door for Anty Vera

  7. Thank God for this opportunity of seeing the end of the month.
    Our son has been a great concern to us .
    1.Asking God to transform him inside and out.
    2.Keep him focused on God and not on worldliness.
    3. The international doors that God open in his academic shall be successful.
    4.Lord disconnect him from unfriendly friends.
    5, Lord destroy every thing that enemies has done in his Life and never again will he bring shame and reproach to himself and family in Jesus name amen.

  8. Prayer request from me
    Joy to you

    1. My Lord Jesus l thank you for all been doing.
    2. I request God you help me to take over my late husband s land which that cele man is trying to take from me by burying something fetish on the land.
    Lord Jesus help the son you gave to me MAZZY to gain admission in broad.

  9. Prayers Request from Florence Chukwude
    Good evening sir and your team
    O lord l pray for international open accdemically for my children for full scholarship.
    O lord bless me with a good venza 2021 Car for free.
    O lord l invested in Galaxy construction company 17m MBA 10m Fahmzi N900,000 etc and the companies disappeared with the money leaving me with pain O Lord of restoration , restored back all l have lost in Jesus mighty name Amen
    O lord l trust you for double promotion in 2021 promotion examination.
    O lord deliver my husband from household wickedness of poverty which made him leave me with all family
    responsibilities with 2 of them in university
    O God bless me with careers ministry break through.
    O lord bless Emmanuel with 7credits and admission in the university this year
    O God bless miracle
    and precious with first class Honours degree
    O locate my husband for deliverance and breakthrough in all round of his life
    O lord remember me again and restore back the gift of prophecy on my life
    O lord heal happiness obiegbalem from blindness and emeka Chukwu from kidney issues in Jesus mighty name amen.thank you Jesus faithful God. O lord make my September the best month of the year in my life and family in Jesus mighty name Amen.
    O lord bless me and family with
    all round blessings in Jesus mighty name Amen.

    1. I need 160k to travel to Abuja today. I don’t have even 1k for the journey right now. But I believe the money will come before 2pm today……Amen
    2. Let God restore my sperm fluid.
    3. Let God give me an exceptional Business breakthrough.
    4. God should give me an exceptional financial breakthrough to settle my outstanding commitment.
    i. Office Rent 150k
    ii. Capital investments LA BUENA VIDA 680k
    iii. My Cringles Business 90k
    iv. Other Cryptocurrencies
    v. Inksnation Pinkoin restoration
    vi. Other investments programmes
    5. All my application for loan and Grants to be released this week and next week in Jesus name.
    6. Divine connection and expansion on every side.
    7. Every power holding me from my congratulation, be consumed by fire in the name.
    8. Doors of Fruitfulness and childbearing. Married without child for 19 years
    9. Cancellation of all debts before 10th of September this year.
    10. My Loan account to be automatically corrected. What God cannot do does not EXIST

  11. 1. Favored, and Financially Open Doors.
    2. Divine Connections for lost Opportunities , recovery and Claims.
    3. Becoming a landlord- foundation laying echoes.

  12. Good morning Pastor Jerry Eze, my name is Jane i leave in Germany, i have been following you on you tube and i love what am seeing hearing from you every day. Please my sister (NORA) have been very sick for a very long time, she has boil in her Anus & all her body is scratching her. Please help her in Jesus name Amen. God will reward you abundantly. What God cannot do does not exist. Thank you.

  13. Good morning Pastor Jerry Eze, my name is Jane i leave in Germany, i have been following you on you tube and i love what am seeing hearing from you every day. Please my sister (NORA) have been very sick for a very long time, she has boil in her Anus & all her body is scratching her. Please help her in Jesus name Amen. God will reward you abundantly. What God cannot do does not exist. Thank you. Healing and good health from God.

  14. Good morning sir,pls I need a prayer request over my marriage,my husband is having a secrets affairs which has lead to him abandoning me ,he is not talking to me ,closed to 8 month now.I’m depressed and so worried sir.

  15. Goodmorning pastor Jerry, i hv been suffering from arthritis fir the padt 4 years and just diagnosed cancer of the womb in june and surgery done in july and i was told to be cancer free. Then after ny after surgery pet scan i hv received a report tha is not pleasant, a whole lot of developments that had made me very worried, restless and miserable. I hv no other God but you alone and what you cannot do does not exist , i therfore cry to you the Alpha and omega to change this report that has discouraged me to one that makes me happy and be healed. If you change cancer results and report i know you can do it for me. In the next few days i will be cancer free. Plz plz pastor donot relent in my case until imhealed. Amen in jesus name Amen

  16. Dearest JESUS,
    Please I want God to heal me from pile (2) heal my mother from stroke and ulcer (3) make my PCV normal (4) heal my brother udeme from any form of heart problem (5) heal my nephew wisdom uduak Linus from mental disorder (6)God should please give me my own this year the end of 2021(7) God should please grant me financial breakthrough in my business (8) God’s protection upon my life and family ( God should please change the genotype of Anietie enim okon to AA (9) God should make me fruitful in my marriage,(10) God should please fight every seen and unseen battles for me and my family (11)God should please provide for my family (12)God should please protect my properties for me (13) God should grant me journey mercies from Lagos to Calabar and bring me back to Lagos safely (14) God should give me the grace to serve him all the days of my life.

  17. Good morning papa I want to bless God for your life ?and your family ?MY name Yvonne serwaa Boateng for Ghana ?? Accra daddy God bless you I love you papa ?❤??

  18. Praise the lord man of god this is Beulah from India pls pray my family bcoz my terrible financial problems and paying lot of interest and my ashamed and my emtynes pls pray IAM YouTube viewer thank you

  19. Cadico Amen Egbeifun
    Gud morning pastor,
    I hv applied for my
    Resident paper in London for d pass 3
    Month and i have not received any reply. Please pastor i need prayer, So that my passport would be release with indefinite stay. Thanks

  20. Pastor Jerry my name is Mary I’m sending this prayer request from USA I have a doctors report My blood count is low and I’m asking God for miracle I need prayer what God cannot do it does not exist istock n s p p d.

  21. We are offering free guitar lesson to all and sundry , we are also giving out guitar books worth $1,500
    This is open for 3 weeks

    All that we offer is free
    This is our contribution to the body of christ
    Pls call -: 0810 142 4444 for venue

  22. I had an accident since August 2002 which resulted to spinal cord injury, and since then I am unable to walk. I believe in your God, please Pastor Jerry pray for me Sir. God bless you Sir

  23. Good afternoon pastor Jerry Eze.
    my name is philo l live in Britain.l have been following you on you tube
    every day.please my brother Gabriel have been sick with Cancer stage4 the doctors said nothing they can do.
    Please he needs your prayer.what God cannot do does not exist. Healing and good health from God Amen. Thank you pastor Eze God will reward abundantly.

  24. Devine intervention in my career for financial breakthrough
    Deliverance for my daughters
    From foundational bondage and ancestral evil covenant
    Deliverance for my husband from foundational bondage and ancestral evil covenant
    Deliverance and victory for Court cases for chief Abel wariboko
    International multinational jobs for my daughters
    God should give them good Devine husbands

  25. Pastor Jerry pray for me I have 3 girls and am pregnant, I seriously need a baby boy and scan said is girl please pray that God will change it to a boy.

  26. Oh Lord show me Mercy by giving me the fruits of the womb, give me document in the Land of France, show me Mercy on my spiritual life

  27. Oh Lord show Mercy on Regine that has Cancer , Mary Rose daughter that is mad , marital settlement for Mary Rose and husband, oh show Mercy to uncle Sam that has Cancer

  28. Thank you Jesus for given me the opportunity to discuss with Pastor Jerry Eze .Sir I am a Sierra Leone myself and lovely wife join your online prayer and we follow every morning session, and we have the opportunity to share this platform to over 80 people on page every morning.
    We are expecting God to extract that Devil fabriob from my wife worm. We gave waited for 10years now .We pray for God to bless us with our last baby daughter.
    My wife is a police officer I pray for New promotion in her job this January 2022.
    I am 45years am experiencing weakness in my manhood Lord I pray for effective strength in all my organs.God of Pastor Jerry Eze locate me and my wife this January 2022 with all the above.
    Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen.

  29. Thank you lord for all you have done for I and my family ,I appreciate and am grateful ? Lord pls enlarge my coast this year 2022,bless me beyond my expectations,favour me all round,send me helpers,I desire to be happy,you alone knw me more than anyone ,search my heart and grant me all my secret prayers and heart desires,restore onto me all that I have loss,make a way for me,guide me and protect me from my enemies,creat in me a clean heart to love my neighbours as my self and to dwell in your house all the days of my life ,thank you jesus ?

  30. 1) To Finish My House In Ekpoma This Year

    2) To Set Up A Good Business For My Mom

    3) To Change My Car

    4) To Leave This Country This Year Before My Birthday

    5)To Get. A Car For My Mom This Year

  31. Good day sir, my name is Azaribe uchechukwu Providence from Abia state and I reside in umuàhià, am prayer request here is that my mom based in Italy and her driving license have never be released, so we need a releasement of it, we also commit our family in God’s hand coz what God cannot do does not exist!!!

  32. Good morning dear Daddy in the Lord, pastor jerry eze. I need a prayer concerning my money which some is owning me and has refused to pay me. She is even bragging to destroy me in London but God proved to her that he is still God by give me a 5years resident permit to God be the Glory. Now I need my Money from her she refused to pay me back. Please I need God to intervention in this matter, to recover my hard earn money.

  33. 1lneed God’s intervain in my place of work and my life as well, also l need retentive memory on my child , long life and prosperity, also l need God’s spiritual healing in my mother and my husband

  34. Good evening pastor Jerry eze pls pray for me, I want to be a pregnant mother people in my area they are insulting me because of not getting pregnant pls pray for me, anything thatGod can not do, can not didn’t exit

  35. Good afternoon, Pastor Jerry ive been under satanic attack in my finance job. Some kind of demonic cat has been following my life since last year September whenever I see him things go wrong. Would appreciate your prayers God bless you.

  36. Im also £2 thousand in arrears of my rent. I’ve going through attacks all of my life for at least 40 yrs. Would appreciate you prayers. Thank you.

  37. Good morning pastor Jerry Eze.
    Accep our sincere greetings. It is our first time to contact you Pastor Jerry Eze. Our name are:
    Sonia, Maria, shelsio, kelvin and jose. We live in uk and we do watch your prayer programmes on YouTube and it really touched our hearts and we do believe that what god can’t not do, does Not exist in jesus name. There for, we really want to receive your healing prayer for myself and my family member in jesus name Amen. We hopefully looking forward to here from you pastor Jerry Eze soon and may god continue to shower you with his power of blessings in jesus name Amen.

  38. Good afternoon ? man of God ? am from ?? Ghana about so many years now I have been having serious issue with my left eye ?️ and I came across your life video’s need your prayers ? to support me please ???

  39. Good morning sir
    Let the mercy of God locate me and my family.
    Affliction shall not rise for second time in my family
    My seed are preserved in Jesus name Amen
    I ask for divine healing upon my right shoulder and waist.

  40. Please sir/ma I need your prayers I have been on the bondage of masturbation since when I was 16 and now I’m 21 and will be 22 on the 25th of April I have always tried to stop it but I found if difficult to do and since I started doing it I have been facing a lot of downfall, disappointment, delay, hardship brokenness. Even right now my life is a mess I don’t really know if it is the cause of the masturbating or something else but I having been keeping my easy holy at least 80% nobody is perfect. Please I need prayers I have nothing to proof as a man or bring any reasonable something to the table I’m originally from Nigeria but I stay in Ghana is over 7months now I came to Ghana for Greener pastures but everything is turning apart even when I was in my country too please help me out all I need is prayers I don’t need anything else thanks.


  42. greetings MOG, please pray for me, leg , knee and foot pain, I am an NSPPD’ian, always in the altar of fire, plse .thank Go for giving you to the entire world to help mankind.

  43. Good evening sir,am providence Azaribe from Abia state…its in respect or my mummy…mrs kate uduoborie who based in italy,for the past 7years now,her driving lincense have not been release…and its seriously disturbing her,we believe that what God cannot does not exist…evil altar against our family and working place,hatred and sicking.

  44. April 20th, 2022

    Prayer Request

    Dear God,

    My daughter Nneka Jennifer Ozurus is very sick and in a Coma State. Lord give her another chance and Let only your will be done in her live.
    Loving Father, touch her now with Your healing hands, for I believe that Your will is for her to be well in mind, body, soul and spirit. Cover her with the Most Precious Blood of Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, from the top of her head to the soles of her feet. Cast anything that should not be in her.
    In Jesus name, I prayed Amen!!!

    Requested by Chinedu Ozurumba

  45. Good morning sir, this is my first time connect with you sir, just started following you today have hear alot of good things about you sir, my friend share your program to me, already subscribe to the YouTube channels so I turned on the notifications sound, so that I wil be joining in prayers, my name is Nwogu Queen Beauty am 21 years pls sir pray for me I have spiritual husband he is really disturbing me anything I lay my hands on is not successful, I appy for
    a Spain visa the embassy denied it, so this is my second time I want to apply it now on June 3. pls sir pray for me about the spiritual husband that’s sleeping with me in my dream, and pls sir pray for me so that my visa we come out easily they won’t denied it again

  46. Please pray for my first daughter to write her exam nd come out successfully, every difficulty she is facing in life let it disappear especially in health
    What ever enemy are planning against my marriage back to sender, who ever is fififighting my husband because he get married fighting children let d God of nsppd ans dem fire

  47. Good morning pastor Jerry eze
    My name is Samuel my prayer request is any Man or women that’s planning evil against me and my family may Almighty God return it back to the sender, God should move my family to another level, what God cannot do doesn’t exist ???


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