Catholic Prayer For Retentive Memory

Catholic Prayer For Retentive Memory :

Dear heavenly Father, You know the struggle I am having to remember and retain the things that I have learned in my personal study-time as well as my work situation, and how it is becoming such a worry to me. I just want all cast all these cares and concerns onto You, because I know this is what You have told us to do – and I DO trust You to be there to help me through this difficult and distressing situation – because You have promised.

Catholic Prayer For Retentive Memory
Catholic Prayer For Retentive Memory

Lord, I am asking for Your help today. Show me why I am unable to recall to memory things that I have learned and help me also to overcome this memorization problem

Lord, I know that You are able to correct this memory loss – but if there is something that You want to show through it or teach me.. I pray that I will be open to the leading of Your Holy Spirit and that He will show me anything that will help to address inability to remember and retain information. I trust Your word and ask that in Your goodness and grace You will help address this memorization issue speedily – and I will give You all the praise and glory,


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Remember: Catholic Prayer For Retentive Memory

Even in times when you feel like when you take one step forward you eventually take two steps back, your goals shouldn’t change. Realize that during setbacks you never left the playing field, God is simply lining you up for a bigger shot. Stop thinking that adversity disqualifies you from the prize. In fact, it only confirms that your goal is truly worth striving for. What you are aiming for is greater than your current situation so don’t allow the little things to throw you off your game. Declare that you deserve your goal and there’s nothing that can or will stand in your way. Once you achieve your goal you’ll understand why you received so much opposition because God was setting you up for something GREAT.

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May God hear your prayers.

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