Catholic Prayers To Attract Divine Healing Upon Yourself.

Catholic Prayers To Attract Divine Healing Upon Yourself. Blessed be the name of our healer Jesus Christ, both now and forever… Amen.

Brethren, this month has been a spirit-filled month for all of us at Prayer Hub, and we are happy that we have been blessing our fans through daily prayers with different intentions, as Spirit leads.


Catholic Prayers To Attract Divine Healing
Catholic Prayers To Attract Divine Healing


Today, we are going to focus on sick people. Therefore, try as much as possible to ‘follow us’, so that you would be getting notifications each time we post new prayer.

Our Lord Jesus Christ has given us power, to cast away demons and to heal any kind of sickness and disease. oh yes, Mathew 10 vs 1 is a prove to our claim, and it read: “Jesus called his twelve disciples together and gave them authority to drive out evil spirits and to heal every disease and every sickness”.

We are partakers of God’s gifts, since we believes in the power of Jesus Christ. For it is written that we shall perform more miracles than He (Christ) did, if we have faith.


This moment, let us all unit our faiths together, as we declare Divine healing upon the sick, and strength upon the weak.


✝️In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit… Amen!

Our Father, who dwells in Heaven, we glorifies Your holy name. Father, may Your will be done on earth, as it is been done in Heaven. Feed us with more faiths Lord, and forgive our sins, because we have forgiven those that sinned against us. Don’t allow us to fail into sin again, but keep us far away from trials… Amen.

Father in the name of Jesus Christ, we thank You for keeping us alive till this moment. Though, many of us are sick and weak, but we are relying on You to heal us and strengthen us this hour in Jesus Christ’s name… Amen.Powerful Catholic Prayers To Attract Divine Healing

Father King of Glory, Your Word said that that our body is the Temple of Holy Spirit. Lord, would You allow Your temple to be infected with sicknesses and diseases? Of course, we know how mighty You are, and that is why we strongly believe in Your power, we need You to heal every sick person reading reading this prayer right now.

Ever merciful Father, don’t look upon our sins please, but forgive and forget all our errors through the sacrifice of the blood which Jesus Christ gave to us… Amen.

We stand on the Solid Rock Jesus Christ, as we commands every spirit of weakness, sicknesses and diseases to flee from our environs and never return again… Amen

By the saving power of the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ, we claim victory over any spirit that is behind the unhealthy life of all of us… Amen.

DECLARATIONS: Catholic Prayers To Attract Divine Healing

I declare that you shall not die from the sicknesses that are troubling you right now… Amen.

I declare full-speed recovery of any kind of sicknesses in your life… Amen.

I declare permanent healing upon your life… Amen.

I claim victory for you over the spirit of death that is hovering over your head… Amen.

I pray that whomever you are connecting to this prayer would receive full instant healings in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Saviour… Amen!

Brethrens, rejoice and prepare for your testimony, for Jesus Christ has healed you with his precious blood and water… Amen.

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Make sure that you pray each time you want to take any medication, and see the work of healing in your life through Jesus Christ our Lord… Amen!

I cover your life with the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, and I pray that your healing shall be permanent in the powerful name of Jesus Christ… Amen.

And my dear people of God, may the Almighty God keep you safe ✝️in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit… Amen!

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Peace be with you…


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