Prayer Against Cockatrice Spirit

Prayer Against Cockatrice Spirit : ‘They hatch cockatrice’ eggs and weave the spider’s web: whomever eatth of their eggs dieth, and whoever is crushed breaks out into a viper.’

They lay venomous snake eggs and spin spider webs. Anyone who falls into their webs will perish, and even coming close to them is dangerous.’ (Exodus 59:5, KJV, NLT).

Prayer Against Cockatrice Spirit
Prayer Against Cockatrice Spirit

In Isaiah 59, we see a litany of sins that are described as the outcome of the’snake’ evil spirit’s spiritual onslaught. It is known as cockatrice in the King James version. This is a mythological, spiritual, enormous serpent that was produced from a cock’s egg by a reptile. It kills its prey by hypnosis and strangling.

As a result of this wicked spirit’s presence in the world, there is a rise in crimes, falsehoods, deceptions, violence, ignorance, weakness, bewilderment, sadness, rebellion, and treachery. All of this is pouring at us like a deluge of wicked attacks. Defeat and confrontation! Take control and occupy! Plant righteousness and reap righteousness!

In the book of Revelation, a snake vomits water like a flood in order to kill the infant child, Jesus Christ. The snake spirit’s attack shows that he is panicked because he knows “his time is limited” (Rev 12).

Jezebel’s onslaught should be a source of inspiration for us. She is aware that her period of deception and tyranny is coming to an end. She knows that success is right around the corner. The barrage of assaults is evidence of her insanity and failure.

But the beautiful promise is that the Lord’s Spirit will halt the flood and people will dread the Lord’s name. The serpent’s onslaught is the outcome of revealing the territorial spirits before the land’s resurrection. The stronger the onslaught, the greater my joy! The devil is a failure, and he cannot be saved.

This land has been through enough! This is the Jubilee Year, when loyal worshipers will be honored by their Lord!

What a source of inspiration!
Remember: every knee must bend at the name of Jesus, and every tongue must confess that He is the Lord!

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