Powerful New Month Prayer For Divine Favour And Connection.

Powerful New Month Prayer For Divine Favour And Connection , Say These Powerful Prayers And Claim Your Divine Breakthrough In This New Month.

There are lots of people that have been toiling daily, without having better outcome from their labours. At times, it is not really how hard we works that would guarantee us of a greater profit.


Prayer For Divine Favour And Connection
Prayer For Divine Favour And Connection


When there are some forces that are not of God in your life, you are prone to make lesser progress, which at times could even lead you to make no progress at all. That is the major reason every believer must endeavour to call on God Almighty before embarking on any business.

Today, my beloved brethrens, we are going to nullify every powers of darkness that are behind your closed doors, and that is bringing you little or no profit from the works of your hands.



In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit… Amen!

Father in the name of Jesus Christ, we thank You for yet another day, we bless your holy name for there is non like Thee. We are happy and grateful oh Lord God; for all You have done for us, for Your mercies, for You kindness and for Your Love towards us.

We give You all the glory, and all the honour, and all the power. We lift Your name higher oh God Almighty, higher above every other names. We can’t thank You enough.

You are the Creator of the whole universe, the I AM that I AM, the Rock of ages, the Adonai, the Elohim, the Mighty Man in battle. God of Abraham, God of Issac and God of Jacob. You are the only One whose Name terrifies the demons.


Dear Heavenly Father, we are truly sorry for having offended you. Forgive us our sins, forgive our shortcomings oh Lord and heal our souls from the wounds of the evil we had committed.

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Ever Merciful Father, we have neglected our duties so much; we have done what we were not supposed to have done, and had refused to do the good works that we were supposed to do. In Your loving forgiveness God, please, keep us safe from the punishments we deserve.

God of infinite goodness, we are leaning on Your feet for Your mercies, for Your compassion oh God. And we believe that You have forgiven us and have forgotten our sins in the mighty name of our Saviour, Jesus Christ… Amen!


Brethren, we can’t get into this battle against the enemy of our soul without invoking the Holy Ghost to take charge of us and grant us victory. Therefore, let us pray for the presence of the Holy Spirit of God.

Let Us Pray…

In the powerful name of Jesus Christ, we call upon God Almighty to hear us from His Heavenly Throne, and descend His Spirit to come and dwell in us.Daily Prayer For Divine Favour And Connection

Omnipresent God, may it please You to come down and live in each and everyone of us that is reading this prayer article, may You assist us in the war we fights against the power of darkness in the mighty name of Jesus Christ… Amen!

Brethrens, let us now pray with faith, and cast away every demon that has been bringing setback to our day to day works.

In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, we call upon God to send forth his Angels to assist us in this battle against the enemies of the children of the Most High.

May Michael the Archangel defend us in the days of battle; Amen.

Declaration: Prayer For Divine Favour And Connection

By the power in the name of Jesus Christ, we call upon the Chief Angels, Michael (Who is like God?) to come down with his glorious power, to attack the powers of darkness and defend us against any snare of the enemies.

May Archangel Michael protect us with the sword which he used to defeat the ancient serpent, the devil and all his fallen angels through Jesus Christ our Lord… Amen!

May Archangel Raphael come down with the healing power of God; Amen.


In the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we call upon Archangel Raphael (The Healing Angel of God) to come down with the healing power of the Most High and heal us of our diseases.

May it please God also to heal our world, our nation and our family trees from any sickness that has been bringing us setbacks, may we be liberated in the mighty name of Jesus Christ… Amen!

May Archangel Uriel descend with the fire of the Most High and purifies our hearts; Amen.


God our Father, send down Your fire and purify our hearts. The fire of the Holy Ghost, the fire that gives healing. May You bring an end to insurgency through Archangel Uriel (The Fire of God) in our nation.

May this same fire bring us peace that we seek through Jesus Christ our Saviour… Amen!

May Archangel Gabriel deliver to us the answers to our prayers; Amen.

(Say all your private intentions now, believing that you are speaking to Your Maker one on one).


Ever merciful Elohim, You are the Adonai. You are the only being that existed before the world began. We have poured out our requests before Your holy throne, please God, don’t give dead ears to our prayers.

May You deliver our requests through Your lovely Archangel Gabriel (God is my Strength) as You did as of old. May that same message that Gabriel gave to Blessed ever Virgin Mary the mother of our Saviour that made her sang songs of praises be our portion in this month of June and beyond.

May all our requests be answered positively as it pleases You in the Powerful name of our Lord Jesus Christ… Amen!

In conclusion, recite Our Lord’s Prayer and do the ✝️sign of cross.

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