Prayers To Break The Chains of Bad Luck In Your Life.

Prayers To Break The Chains of Bad Luck In Your Life. , Note that these Prayers can Break The Chains of Bad Luck, Setback And Disappointment By Saying These Deliverance Prayers

May now be the moment of healing from every sicknesses and afflictions. Our Almighty God shall visit many of us that would partake wholeheartedly on this special prayer… Amen

Prayers To Break The Chains of Bad Luck
Prayers To Break The Chains of Bad Luck

Child of God, here is another moment of grace made by God. A moment of Divine visitation, a time for miracles, and the hour of signs and wonders from above.

My dear people of God, we shall be channeling our prayer points to those who are afflicted with bad lucks, those who always experiences set backs, and to those who are always victims to disappointments.Powerful Prayers To Break The Chains of Bad Luck

This shall be a moment of total liberation from every problems related to prayer points above. God is ready to grant our requests through Jesus Christ our Miracle Worker… Amen.

If you have been following our daily prayers here on Our Website , please always pray with your heart. We, Prayer Warriors, always pray for you, both online and offline.

Always unit your faith with ours, pray along with us, do the little offering task we might ask you to do, and watch how great your miracles would be.



✝️In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit… Amen.

We thank You Father Almighty, for the new opportunities You have given to us this moment. We thank You for the privilege of being alive in the land of the livings.

Gracious Father, Your love is great on us, You are faithful and amazing in caring for us as Your children. We are grateful oh Lord, we are grateful.Short Prayers To Break The Chains of Bad Luck

May it please You to receive our thanksgiving offering Lord. May our praises always be welcomed before Your holy presence.

May all glory, and honour, and power belong to You forever and ever… Amen!

Ever merciful Elohim, please, have mercy on us for we have sinned again. We are always conscious of our sins, and our wrongdoings are always before us.

Holy Father Lord, purify us and make us whole again. Wash away our iniquities and make our hearts pure. We want to stop sinning Lord, so, help us by Your grace, that we may never sin again… Amen.

We call upon You Lord, to descend on each of us through Your Holy Spirit. Come and dwell in our hearts. Come oh Holy Spirit of God and manifest Your power in us.

Almighty Ever-living GOD, we need Your Spirit this moment. The Spirit of healings, of Miracles, and of signs and wonders. We make this request through Jesus Christ our Lord… Amen!

(My dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, let us say our private intentions quickly).

Now, let us make declarations concerning our major prayer points in this article and that of our private intentions.Daily Prayers To Break The Chains of Bad Luck


We believe in the healing power of God, therefore, we are uniting our faith as we make declarations thus:

We declare fast healing upon every sick person that is reading this prayer right now… Amen.

We declare healing upon the sick persons we carry on our mind while saying this prayer… Amen.

We declare political healing upon our nation and upon the whole universe… Amen.

We declare healing upon everyone that is suffering and spirit sickness… Amen.

We declare healing upon every known and unknown sicknesses and diseases in our families… Amen.

We declare healing upon our private intentions in the mighty name of Jesus Christ the Healer… Amen!!!

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Now, my beloved Brethrens, bow your head as I pray for you.

In the mighty name of Jesus Christ…

May you be librated from every spirit that causes bad luck… Amen!

May you be saved from every spirit that brings setbacks.. Amen!

May you be delivered from every power of the demons that delivers disappointment on your ways… Amen!

My dear friends in Christ, may the Almighty God bless and answer our prayers ✝️in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit… Amen!!!


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Peace be with you✋

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