Apostle Joshua Selman Midnight Prayer Points – (Daily Guide)

Apostle Joshua Selman Midnight Prayer Points – (Daily Guide) , 10 Midnight Prayers: Say these prayers wholeheartedly before God Almighty.

Apostle Joshua Selman Midnight Prayer Points
Apostle Joshua Selman 



I thank you Oh Lord Jesus Christ for my debt you paid on the cross of calvary even before I was conceived in mother’s womb. Thank you my Lord for the sinless blood you shed for all man kind so that we may be saved.

Guide: Apostle Joshua Selman Midnight Prayer Points

I saturate my life with the blood of Jesus, let my soul be purge away from every darkness and iniquities.

Oh God let your spiritual clothing be upon me and my household as I sleep tonight.

Oh Lord open the portals of grace and let it be transported to me spirit man this moment.


Deliver me from every plot of the devil, save my soul oh Jesus from destruction and condemnation.

I surrender my will, desire and everything else that separate me from the presence of God.

Declare these prayers with the whole of your heart to God

Let my life be a testimony unto my generation that they may know that you’re the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Ancient of Days and the Omnipotent God.

I speak unlimited favour to all my endeavors, oh God let my helpers be directed to me quickly.

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Thank you heavenly father for I am blessed and highly favoured for in Jesus name I pray

Say Amen!


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  1. Apostle Suleman am kindly requesting for your prayer for an international job in the world bank,united nations and i.m.f
    Paul Rugomoka(Uganda)I have been unemployed for now 8 years.
    Thank you
    God bless you mightily

  2. Pls pray for me to remember my dreams Pray against confusion in my dreams May I have clearity in my dreams IJN


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