Catholic Prayer For Casting Out Spirits (2021 Guide)

Catholic Prayer For Casting Out Spirits (2021 Guide) , Prayers That Breaks Every Satanic Yoke.

Catholic Prayer For Casting Out Spirits
Catholic Prayer For Casting Out Spirits



Declare: Catholic Prayer For Casting Out Spirits

1. Lord jesus thank you for the breath of life, thank you for making me wake up hale and hearty

2. Worship him in truth with a sincerity of heart, declare his goodness and wonderful works in your life

3. Father I acknowledge that am a sinner, I ask that you cleanse me and make me whole. Purge out all my iniquity and have compassion on my humble self

4. Oh Lord, every power assigned to see to it that I will not make headway, as an oracle of the most high, I decree and declare begin to stumble and fall in the mighty name of Jesus


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5. Any monitoring spirit monitoring my progress and keeping tabs on my Success, because my redeemer lives, receive destruction and disappear out of my life in Jesus name

6. My father, arise for my sake, and uproot every negating thing that you did not plant inside my life in Jesus name

7. Every evil covenant threatening my existence, hear the word of God and expire and be destroyed in Jesus name

8. Any mountain standing before me, hindering me from progressing and moving forward, be brought down and reduced to a plain in Jesus name

9. Lord, I ask that you begin to restore all my lost glories that the locust, canker worm, caterpillar and the Palmer worn had eaten in Jesus mighty name

10. My father arise and have mercy on me, for the time to favor me has come, let there be deliverance and holiness upon my life and let me and my household begin to possess our possession in Jesus name

10. I stand upon your word, that says “I will make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert”. Lord as I go out today begin to make ways, where there seems to be no way, let every doors shut against me, begin to open and let protocols begin to be broken for my sake in Jesus name.

God bless you


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