Catholic Prayer For Loss Of Loved One

Catholic Prayer For Loss Of Loved One :

We pray for all whose lives
have been touched by tragedy,
whether by accident
or a deliberate act.
For those who mourn,
immerse them in your love
and lead them through this darkness
into your arms, and light.
For those who comfort,
be in both the words they use
and all that’s left unspoken;
fill each heart with love.
We ask this through Jesus Christ,
whose own suffering brought us life,
here and for eternity.



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Catholic Prayer For Loss Of Loved One
Catholic Prayer For Loss Of Loved One


Short Catholic Prayer For Loss Of Loved One :

“I offer this prayer to God to lift this burden of grief from my heart. Shine your eternal light onto my soul and let me feel the joy of your love. Guide me with your wisdom, so I may understand your plan. Let me lean upon your strength so I may grow strong once more and emerge from my loss with a renewed spirit of love and hope. Amen.”

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May God hear your Prayers.

Note That ….

The Church has a heart enflamed by love. Yes, a humble heart throbbing with service. Deacons remind us of this when, like the deacon Saint Francis, they bring God’s closeness to others without imposing themselves, serving with humility and joy. The generosity of a deacon who gives of himself without seeking the front ranks has about him the perfume of the Gospel, he tells of the greatness of God’s humility in taking the first step – always, God always takes the first step – to meet even those who have turned their backs on him – By Pope Francis.


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