Catholic Prayer For Volunteers

Catholic Prayer For Volunteers :

God, my Rock, times of service can be intense and physically draining for volunteers because they don’t do the work every day. I pray for Your blessing on each of the volunteers You have brought to serve with me. I ask that You would set a guard over them and keep them strong in You. You promised that You would be our strength, so I ask You to give each volunteer the measure of the strength that they will need to accomplish what You have called them to do. I also pray that You would grant them discernment to know and honor their physical limitations. Lastly, I ask that they have the mind of Christ so that they will be emotionally ready to pour themselves out for the task before them. Amen.


Catholic Prayer For Volunteers
Catholic Prayer For Volunteers


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Short Catholic Prayer For Volunteers :

Almighty God, our heavenly Father, the privilege is ours to share
in the loving, healing, reconciling mission of your Son Jesus Christ, our Lord,
in this age and wherever we are.
Since without you we can do no good thing, may your Spirit make us wise;
may your Spirit guide us; may your Spirit renew us;
may your Spirit strengthen us; so that we will be: strong in faith,
discerning in proclamation, courageous in witness, persistent in good deeds.
This we ask through the name of the Father. Amen.

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Understand that your weaknesses in God’s hands are the most powerful decision you will ever make. Unlike the world, God has the ability to turn them around for your good telling a great testimony of overcoming adversity. Realize that we are all broken BUT broken pieces in the Master’s hands become masterpieces. Reveal your pains to God and allow Him to heal and strengthen those areas of vulnerability into fortified fortresses of personal victory. Stop believing the enemy’s lie that you must keep things bottled inside to appear perfect when truthfully you’re hanging on by a thread. God’s grace is the active ingredient in your healing process and no longer being overwhelmed by your imperfections. Your weaknesses can never become strengths without your consent. Give them to God today.

May God hear our prayers.


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