Catholic Prayer To Bring Back Lost Love

Catholic Prayer To Bring Back Lost Love :

Pray with me and pray for me. Jesus I come to you humbled by your presence I’m but a servant I come to you crying out that you may hear me.

For the last few months I have been without my love (Mention Name) , you know the situation I’m in, I ask that you would bless me and (Mention Name) to reunite in love, and to have that love strength by the love you have for us. To not only bring (Mention Name) back into my life again Lord, but to change his heart for me, and everyone around can see the love we have for each other, that my family may except him and welcome him in my life. In Jesus name let me and (Mention Name) grow in love for one another, lead us not into temptations, and always have each and in our hearts. Bring the (Mention Name) back I knew before, I pray in Jesus name Amen and Amen again.

Catholic Prayer To Bring Back Lost Love
Catholic Prayer To Bring Back Lost Love

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Powerful Catholic Prayer To Bring Back Lost Love :

Almighty Jehovah, I thank you for granting me the tenacity to stand before You today in acceptance of my faults and wrongs. I have not been the best lover, and for that, I am regretting what I did. God, as your child, you know that I have always loved from the heart. I love my spouse with every fibre in my body. I am praying that you give her the strength to come back to me as I still have strong feelings for her. God, I am also praying for our broken relationship. May it not be an on and off thing anymore. I pray that you make it long-term, for she is the only one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I pray this, trusting that you will bring my love back home, Amen. 

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May God Hear Your Prayers.

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