Short Powerful Prayer For Deliverance From Insomnia.

Short Powerful Prayer For Deliverance From Insomnia. If You Always Have Sleepless Nights, Say These Prayers Before Going To Bed.

Many people finds it so difficult to experience peaceful night rest. There are many reasons to have sleepless nights.


Prayer For Deliverance From Insomnia
Prayer For Deliverance From Insomnia


But as for King David in the Holy Bible, he could have had many reasons while his son gathered an army to kill him, but instead, he slept peacefully. His peaceful sleep in a time of distress came from his cry to God.

My beloved brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, fear is one of the bondages that can hold us captive within ourselves. Whether it be a fear of rejection, making a wrong decision, being hurt emotionally or physically, death, or something else, we have all been a victim of fear at some point in our lives.

In several occasions, reasons behind sleepless night for some people are unknown. But in everything, we believe that there are some spirits behind whatever we face as challenge.Short Prayer For Deliverance From Insomnia


Tonight, brethrens, I want to assure you that our All Powerful Ever Living God is capable of liberating you from the bondage of the spirit of restless night through Jesus Christ our Lord… Amen.

Therefore, let us call upon the God of David to stand for us and declare us free from the captivity of every spirit that causes sleepless nights. David is our ancestor, as we are his descendants. His God is our Father, and whatever we ask our Father shall be granted unto us through Jesus Christ our Saviour… Amen.

After saying these prayers tonight, please try and pour out your heart to God and rest peacefully with assurance that He is in control. What we are doing here is not just for the sake of writing, but a spiritual project that would be of a great benefit to any person that would take our prayer articles serious with faith.

My dear people of God, at times, you may want to turn to God at the end of each day, but often don’t find the words to express your deepest feelings and longing. That is why we are here to help you with prayers that would uplift your mind and soul to God Almighty.


✝️In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit… Amen.

Father Lord our God, by the grace of Jesus Christ our Saviour, and by the unity of the Holy Spirit our Comforter; we turn to You; our Father in heaven and on earth, for we believes in Your truth and in Your saving powers.

Grant that all may learn to lean their hope on You through faith and in trust. May Your will be done on earth, even though so much seems to be the work of humans alone; Your will is behind everything, and we put ourselves under Your will. We hope in Your will, and we are certain that everything will be made right and good, to the glory of Your holy name, through Jesus Christ… Amen.

Forgive us our sins and teach us to do Your will, for You are our God; may Your spirit lead us on holy ground, where we could avoid even the most trifling of sin.

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May Your Omnipotence, shield us from the trials and temptations, and may we always be conquerors through Jesus Christ our Lord… Amen.

Let us ask our merciful Elohim to have mercy on us and remove every spirit of fear in our lives.


Ever merciful Father, may You have mercy on us, and become our Light and our Salvation, so that we should be saved from every spirit of fear.

Relief us from our emotional breakdown, physical regrets and spiritual fears, deliver us with Your saving power and make us to never have any fear again in our hearts, in the mighty name of Your only Begotten Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ… Amen!

Thankfully, we are serving an amazing God Who turns the darkness of fear into a light of salvation. Through the power in the Blood of Jesus Christ, I charge you to conquer fear by trusting God Almighty tonight in Jesus Christ’s name… Amen.

FINAL BLESSINGS: Prayer For Deliverance From Insomnia

May God bless you both while you are awake and asleep… Amen.

May HE shine His light upon you as you sleep tonight… Amen.

May you have the grace to fear no evil… Amen.

May the Angels of the Most High God watch over you as you sleeps tonight… Amen.

May you wake up tomorrow in good health… Amen.Night Prayer For Deliverance From Insomnia

And finally my true friends, may the blessings of the Almighty God descend and remain with you always ✝️in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit… Amen!!!

May the peace of the Lord be with you always ✋

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